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Teens: Before You Dab, Get the Facts on Smoking Wax

What is Marijuana Wax? Marijuana wax is a highly concentrated cannabis substance recognized by its dark amber color and thick, waxy consistency. While it contains THC concentrations up to a 90%, it is easy to conceal due to its small size and unsuspecting appearance. Marijuana wax is a popular alternative to marijuana flowers because it […]

Medication Side Effects: I Don’t Like the Way My Medication Makes Me Feel

Medication Side Effects

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health or behavioral issue, you might be on medication. Adhering to your medication regimen daily is an achievement. You know that medication will help you feel better, so you’re doing your job in the recovery process. However, many medications come with side effects. Whether you’re on antidepressants, anti-anxiety, […]

I Caught My Teen Sexting. Now What?

You might have gotten the call from another parent, who was appalled. Or the school administrator. Or maybe you found out about it yourself. Inadvertently saw some of the photos on your teen’s phone. Read some of the racy texts. How you discovered it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, you caught your teen sexting. Help! My Teen […]

Am I Addicted to My Phone? My Parents Think So But Is That Even a Thing?

You’ve heard it since you got your phone in middle school: “Too much time on that thing is going to rot your brain.” But you know that’s not true. You use your phone every day and you’re totally fine. Your brain, despite the sage predictions of your parents, has not turned to mush. Gray matter […]

Best Mindfulness and Meditation Apps for Teens

You hear all about mindfulness these days. In case you missed the basics, staying mindful means slowing down and paying close attention to this present moment, without judgment. Deep breathing, meditation, walking, and yoga are all mindfulness practices that promote positive wellbeing and mental health. While especially beneficial to those struggling with mental health and […]

Am I Being Paranoid, or is it Real?


You persistently have the feeling that someone is following you. You’re often nervous that people are gossiping about you. You wonder whether people are reading your thoughts. There are dangerous people out there to get you. Your friends tell you you’re being paranoid. Meanwhile, you’re not so sure. So you ask yourself: “Am I actually […]

DBT: 20 Ways for Teens to De-Stress & Keep Calm on the Go

Adolescents encounter stressful situations every day. Whether you’re at school and a friend seems to be avoiding you… Or a teacher just assigned another 15-page paper in addition to the five other assignments you have due this week… Or you’re waiting for a response to a really sensitive text you sent, and none is forthcoming… […]

4 Benefits of Sending Your Teen To Residential Treatment During The Summer

Pacific ocean coastline in Los Angeles

As the parent or guardian of a teenager dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues, deciding on the best course of action can be an overwhelming and heart-wrenching task. You want the best for them, and sometimes, the best option might be to enroll them in a residential treatment center. Although the decision to […]

Neurodiversity and Autism: Understanding the Connection


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects millions of individuals worldwide, and while it is a lifelong neurological condition, it is also a part of the neurodiversity movement. Neurodiversity is an approach that embraces the natural variations in human cognition, recognizing and celebrating the differences in the ways people think, learn, and process information. This article will […]

Neurodiversity and ADHD: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Depressed teen visiting psychologist

If you are a parent with a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, you may be wondering what exactly this means for your child. ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. While attention deficit can be a challenging condition to manage, it’s important to understand that […]