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Mental Health Treatment

When your teenager suffers from mental health or behavioral issues, all you can think about is how to help them. You want your child to be whole. You want your child to live a happy and fulfilling life. You want what’s best for them – not tomorrow, not next week, but right now. You may have exhausted all your resources. 

You’re probably exhausted, yourself. 

You’re tired of hearing advice from people who have no idea what you’re going through. Tired of hearing there’s no instruction manual for children. Tired of platitudes like we all do the best we can or we’re all just making it up as we go along. 

At Evolve, we don’t make anything up. We know how to help – and we can help right now. 

Teen Mental Health Treatment Works 

The right care, right now, can make a lifetime of difference. 

Our residential mental health treatment centers are the perfect choice for families who want sustainable, lifelong healing for their troubled teenagers. We’re experts at helping teens with a wide range of mental health and behavioral issues. We develop individualized treatment programs for teens struggling with: 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Borderline Personality 
  • Self-Harm / Cutting 
  • Bipolar Disorder 

If mental health and behavioral issues are preventing your teenager from reaching their full potential, now is the time to get the help they need. Emotional and behavioral disorders often lead to disruptive, counterproductive, and sometimes dangerous patterns of behavior that can sabotage your teen’s future and cause chaos in your home. You suffer, siblings suffer, and it’s hard to know what to do next. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Our mental health treatment programs are designed specifically for your teenager’s total health and recovery. We create a safe, positive, and productive environment where real change happens daily. Our residential treatment centers look and feel like homes, because we believe in the power of the family dynamic. Our centers are intimate and peaceful, with never more than six teenagers at a time in any one location. Your teenager will feel like they’re in an environment designed to meet their specific therapeutic needs, because that’s exactly where they are. 

A Positive Step Forward 

The decision to place your adolescent child in treatment is not easy. You’re probably on an emotional rollercoaster right now, filled with conflicting emotions, unsure of which way to turn. We hope to help your teenager, but we hope to help you, too. We’ll give you tools to work through your feelings as your child works through theirs. 

We’ll help your whole family heal and grow. When you enroll your teenager in one of our adolescent mental health treatment programs, the Evolve team becomes your extended family. We’ll be with you through your entire treatment journey. 

We know you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t ready for a change. 

We’re ready, willing, and able to offer you that change. Call us now to begin the journey back to peace, health, harmony. 

Our Teen Mental Health Treatment Methods 

At Evolve Treatment, we use a variety of proven and effective teen mental health treatment techniques and methods. Each method is part of an individualized plan that’s tailor-made just for your teen. 

Therapies can include one-on-one therapy treatment sessions using techniques such as  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), and Mindfulness-Based Dialectical/Cognitive Therapy (MBD/CT). 

Additionally, we also offer both group therapy and structural family therapy options. We have Positive Psychology Commitment Groups and Group Dialectical Behavior Therapy options, as well as both individual and multi-family support groups. 

We also use cutting-edge techniques from the mindfulness and experiential modalities. During treatment, your teen can benefit from effective techniques such as meditation, journaling, and yoga. Experiential therapies can include equine-assisted therapy, gardening, music, and more. 

Teen Mental Health Treatment Program Details & Amenities 

As one of the best adolescent psychiatric residential treatment centers in California, Evolve Treatment also offers a comfortable and relaxing setting in which your teen can recover and focus on healing. 

For one, each of our mental health facilities for teens is designed specifically so that they look and feel like homes. This can take away the potential shock of recovering in a sterile environment that you might find at a typical mental institution for youth. 

The exact amenities beyond a comfortable environment will depend on the exact location. However, to give you some examples, our Ojai center is lush with picturesque views, hiking trails, and plenty of nature. 

Across each center, you can expect on-site chefs, saunas and spas, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, and more. There are also school areas with everything your teen will need for homework or personal enrichment. 

Finding the Right Mental Health Treatment for Your Teen 

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for mental health issues. That’s why, at Evolve Treatment, we focus on developing an individualized plan tailor-made for your teen and family. 

Some teens may benefit from medication or outpatient therapy, while others may find recovery at a professional teen mental health treatment center. Of course, there may also be lingering questions in your mind, such as “can a minor refuse mental health treatment?” 

No matter your questions or circumstances, we have expert counselors available to take your call and help guide you toward the absolute best option for your teen and your family’s circumstances. 

Continuing Care After Teen Mental Health Treatment 

As part of our comprehensive teen mental health treatment programs, we also offer a variety of after-care initiatives to ensure that your teen stays on the road to recovery and well-being. 

One option is our Intensive Outpatient Programs, which help support teens that are transitioning out of inpatient treatment. Through this program, teens receive three hours of treatment — such as individual or group therapy — three to five days a week. 

You can also choose an after-care program that better suits your teen’s needs or level of recovery. 

Insurance We Accept 

We know that not everyone can afford residential or outpatient treatment for their teens. That’s why we work with a variety of insurance companies to help ensure your teen can get the help they need — no matter your budget. 

Our in-network providers include Anthem Blue Cross, Healthnet, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, and Sharp Health Plan. We also regularly work with Aetna, Amerihealth, United Healthcare, and more. 

We’re also with you every step of the way. We can help translate jargon-filled insurance speak into plain language and ensure that you can get treatment for your teen with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible. 

Find Help Today at Our Teen Mental Health Treatment Center 

As one of the best residential mental health facilities for adolescents, we offer a comprehensive and compassionate range of services that can help your teen find recovery and strength as they move toward adulthood. 

No matter what your teen is going through or the exact circumstances that your family may be in, our compassionate and empathetic staff is ready to assist you in any way that they can. 

Teen Mental Health Treatment FAQs 

How Many Teens Get Treatment for Mental Health? 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are an estimated 3.4 million teens receiving mental health services in the United States. That’s out of 24.9 million teens. 

What Are Symptoms of a Mental Health Problem in Teens? 

There are many signs and symptoms that can point to a mental health problem in your teen. These symptoms can include trouble at school, unusually aggressive behavior, bouts of depression, or others. If you suspect a problem, it may be time to get help. 

How Do You Deal with Adolescent Mental Health? 

There are a variety of methods and techniques for helping you deal with the mental health of your teen. You can choose outpatient therapy or a residential stay at a teen mental health treatment facility. At Evolve, we can help walk you through the best option for your teen and your family. 

Should I Put My Child on Antidepressants? 

Antidepressants are generally an effective way to treat anxiety or depression in teenagers, but they do come with some risks at that age. Any conversation about placing your child on medication must involve doctors and mental health experts. 


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