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Residential Treatment (RTC)

24/7 On-Site Care at Evolve

Evolve provides specialized residential treatment programs for adolescents aged 12 to 17 dealing with mental health, alcohol or substance addiction, and behavioral health issues. Our top priority is to provide a safe, structured environment with round-the-clock care and a range of therapeutic activities to ensure a successful recovery.

Our approach to therapy is solution-focused and evidence-based. We are committed to encouraging behavioral change and finding the optimal combination of treatment and support for each individual. Recognizing that every teenager is unique, we personalize treatment plans to their specific needs and goals. We conduct a comprehensive assessment during the admissions process, establish a baseline, and create an Individual Recovery Plan that includes a range of therapeutic approaches to ensure a successful recovery.

When Is Residential Treatment Necessary?

Residential treatment may be necessary in the following situations:

Suicidal Thoughts or Self-Harm

If a teenager is struggling with suicidal thoughts or self-harm, seeking immediate help for their well-being is crucial. Residential treatment centers offer a supportive environment to address these concerns effectively. 

Disrupted Daily Life

For individuals with severe depression that impacts their daily life, a residential treatment center is the essential intensive care and support they require

Environmental Factors

Lifestyle factors and negative environments can contribute to depression. However, residential treatment programs provide a therapeutic environment that facilitates teens to work on deep-rooted issues and positively change their lifestyle.

photo of individual who found RTC necessary

Does Residential Treatment Work?

Residential treatment programs for teens represent the highest level of long-term care, enabling lasting behavioral changes. Teens receive comprehensive treatment with 24/7 support and a team of skilled medical professionals, including ongoing medical care, group and individual therapy, 12-step support programs, and enriching educational resources.

What is Residential Treatment Like for Teens?​

At Evolve, teens live on-site in small, calming, personalized recovery centers. With a maximum of six residents at a time, we create a therapeutic environment that caters to each individual's specific needs. Our CARF- and Joint Commission-accredited teen treatment programs ensure excellence in all clinical care.

Experienced, Professional Staff

Our staff comprises psychiatrists, nurses, licensed therapists, experienced clinicians, masters-level interns, and certified recovery coaches dedicated to providing compassionate care. We understand parenting challenges and are well-equipped to support teenagers facing substance issues, behavioral problems, and emotional difficulties.

Individualized Programs

At Evolve, we create a custom treatment plan for each teenager based on their specific needs and objectives. Our therapy techniques are solution-focused and evidence-based, promoting behavioral transformation by offering the appropriate treatment and support. By conducting a thorough assessment and continuous evaluations, we ensure the recovery plan changes to support the individual’s progress.

Our dedicated team will provide superior care, compassion, and personalized treatment, creating a nurturing space where teens can achieve significant improvements and a more positive future. Reach out to us today to start your journey toward long-lasting recovery.

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