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A place with purpose: Getting teens and families back on track, happy together.

It's tougher than ever to be a teen

The team at Evolve Treatment centers helps patients between the ages of 12 and 17 as they struggle with mental health, substance use, and behavioral issues. We work with teens and their families as they face challenges in their individual and family lives and cope with the specific stresses of modern life. 

At Evolve, we treat an array of mental and co-occurring disorders

Our areas of clinical expertise include working with teens who have difficulty regulating emotions, are engaging in high-risk or self-injurious behaviors, or are suffering from suicidal ideation. We specialize in complex cases with high-acuity mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. 

Our variety of programs gets your teen the individualized treatment they need to heal.

Ideal for teens who are finding life unmanageable due to mental health, substance use, or behavioral issues. 

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Ideal for teens stepping down from a residential program, or when they need more structure and support than an intensive outpatient program. 

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Ideal for teens who need more support than weekly outpatient therapy sessions. It is also recommended for teens who are stepping down from higher levels of care such as partial hospitalization. 

Virtual outpatient treatment programs help teens and their families maintain balance, with minimal disruption to their daily lives, when dealing with issues related to mental health, addiction, and behavioral issues

Our Therapies

We pride ourselves as an organization that’s clinician-led, as our team of experts is empowered to create individualized treatment plans that deploy a variety of therapies to bring your teen and family back to a place where you can thrive together. We are innovative and believe in making data-driven, evidence based decisions that will benefit our patients in a holistic way.