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You’re not alone.

Almost all of us need help at some point in our journey together.

It’s important that families have the resources they need to cope with the challenges of modern life, especially the pressures we encounter as teens.

Whether you’re engaging Evolve for in-patient care, therapy from your home, or browsing our trusted guides for parenting advice and articles on healthy ways to relieve stress, we’re here to help. Our expert team of clinicians enjoys working with teens and their families to live happier lives, together.

Expert parenting guidance from others who understand what you’re going through.

At Evolve, we know healing happens best when we heal together. There’s no need to struggle alone. That’s why we make sure parents are educated and involved in support groups and special events.

Get the latest thinking from our clinical experts on the issues that families and teens face today. Topics range from forms of addiction to challenges in communicating.

Our parent guides represent an A-Z of the most common challenges families face, from an ADHD diagnosis to issues surrounding transgender teens. 

For many parents, there’s nothing greater than sharing in the healing sympathy of others going through similar struggles to get back on the right path as a family. 

Getting the information necessary to help your teen should be easy, and it starts with understanding the terms related to treatment and insurance.

The right resources can mean everything.

You're not alone in your struggles — and there's hope.

We have advice and perspectives to equip yourself on the journey to recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues. For many teens, it’s hard to know who to ask about the struggles you’re facing. Let us help with some answers.

Why Can’t I Focus - Mental Health problems
Teen Blog

Get help from our team on the kinds of challenges teens like you are facing. From technology addiction to communicating with your parents, we talk about the topics that matter to you.

Let’s work together to get teens healthier and happier.


Get help for your acute patients with these resources for streamlined admissions.

Treatment Providers & Clinicians​

We prioritize coordination of care with our colleagues in private practice or in other treatment facilities. 

image of counselor going through DBT

We enjoy collaborating with educators to ensure that our patients also maintain academic progress during their time with us.

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