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For Professionals

At Evolve Treatment Centers, we work closely with hospitals, schools, therapists in private practice, and other referring providers. As we collaborate to gather critical data about the patient, we have one goal in mind: to help our mutual client recover.
Throughout the admissions process, we stay in touch with you in order to understand everything we can about the patient, including symptoms, treatment history, and more. Our treatment team considers all of this information when they design the patient’s individualized treatment plan, which draws on a range of evidence-based modalities including Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
From the moment a patient enters our program, we begin work on a transition plan. Upon discharge, our goal for each patient is stable integration back into their communities.

Experienced, Professional Staff

Our philosophy is that client-directed, outcome-informed treatment that emphasizes the relationship between client and therapist has the best chances of success.
Our treatment team provides the highest caliber of care in the most compassionate and humanistic way. The clinical staff is comprised of a board-certified adolescent psychiatrist, nurses, and licensed therapists.

Families First

We believe that when working with teens, it’s vital to incorporate the whole family in the treatment process and teach parents how to support their adolescent children on the treatment journey. Our programs include family therapy (weekly), family visitation, and structured, therapeutic family outings . Videoconferencing is available for family members unable to attend therapy sessions locally. At our partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) locations, we also offer weekly multi-family groups and parent support groups.

Our Facilities

At Evolve, we believe in the power of the family dynamic. Therefore, our residential treatment centers look and feel like homes.
Our facilities provide both a sense of security and a warm, nurturing, home-like environment. Each location has comfortable living quarters, a school area, a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool, an on-site chef, and spacious grounds with ample greenspace and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Highly acute patients often come to Evolve directly from the hospital. Whether your patient struggles with suicidality, self-injurious behavior, psychosis, overdose, or any other life-threatening mental or behavioral health crisis, Evolve ensures a smooth, efficient admission. 

Individual Education Program

School counselors, teachers, and other school administrators are often the first to notice when an adolescent struggles with mental health or substance use issues. This makes them valuable resources in helping students gain access to treatment, and it’s why we often partner with schools to raise awareness of mental health issues affecting teens today. 

photo of san jose outpatient program school room

Evolve is dedicated to working with our clients’ treatment providers. Whether you’re a therapist in private practice or you represent another treatment center, our priority is coordination of care. From determining level of care to treatment and discharge planning, our team values communication. 

People who care.

Our team is here for you. We are ready when the time is right. The process is complicated, so let us help guide you through the process.

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