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Working at Evolve

A culture of hope: Changing lives, one teen at a time.

Evolve is the trusted choice for mental health treatment for teens and families across California and the country. Why?

Because of our culture of clinical innovation and clinician empowerment, along with individualized treatments in settings that feel like home. None of this happens overnight. It’s all down to the people who embody the Evolve spirit each day, from our clinicians and administrative staff to those who have joined us for field work on their way to advanced degrees.

We invest in the best.

Join us on our journey to increase our standard of care year after year for the teens and families who choose Evolve in their time of greatest need.

To be an elite mental health treatment organization, Evolve is committed to investing in the best clinicians and staff available. Competitive pay and comprehensive benefits are only the beginning. From the start, you’ll see how much we believe in your professional development and personal growth with training that sets the industry standard for excellence.

individualized plan for after school program

When you join the team, we’ll cultivate your talent and nourish your contributions.

Care that's part of something bigger

We’re dedicated to clinical excellence, and we know that you’ll bring your unique contribution to healing families in profound ways. 

Our work here is special, it’s meaningful, and it’s bigger than all of us. That’s why it takes a true community, aligned in purpose, committed to lifting each other up each day. 

We're excited to have you on the team

You’ve earned the right to be here, and our team will equip you with everything you need to succeed. At Evolve, we’re serious about working together as a community dedicated to changing lives through compassion for teens and their families. 

Caring for teens, their families, and each other.

The values that guide our work:

Achieving clinical excellence

Quality patient care is at the forefront of all decisions, as we strive for excellence in all aspects of the patient experience.

Leading with kindness

Clients, families, and employees deserve a caring environment that fosters respect, safety, and acceptance without fear of judgement or stress.

Empowering clinicians

We trust our clinicians to make decisions across the organization, so that each of us can lead and make an impact for our clients, their families, and each other.

Being accountable

We are accountable to our clients, their families, and our colleagues, whether we are celebrating success or learning from shortcomings.

Affirming for all

In everything we do, we affirm our clients and colleagues, no matter where they identify on the spectrums of gender, orientation, and ability.

Growing Together

Our team has a deep commitment to our practice, learning, and exploration of new therapies and ideas, so that we all grow together.

Welcome to Evolve.

Learn about a career with us >

Our commitment to talent not only ensures seamless transitions, but also propels your career growth by providing opportunities for skill development and advancement within our dynamic and supportive organization.

Fieldwork and practicum programs >

Gain an enhanced understanding of the residential treatment model, receive basic Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) training, learn important crisis-management interventions, and develop effective diagnostic skills.