Evolve Treatment

Evolve Psychiatry

In-House, Full-Time, Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists 

At Evolve, patients come first. We go above and beyond the industry standard, employing full-time, dedicated board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists who take their time with our teens. Since they are dedicated solely to Evolve patients and families, our staff doesn’t think twice to consult with them for as long as necessary about your child.  

That’s quality of care.
Evolve psychiatrists provide:
  • Initial admission assessments & treatment plans
  • Weekly progress checks with teens
  • Weekly staff meetings on client progress
  • Daily consultations with therapists and nurses
  • Consultations with families at any time
  • 24/7 availability for medical crises

Meet Our Psychiatrists  

Our psychiatrists are fully involved and active members of your child’s treatment team. Your teen receives their focused time and attention every day, leading to better treatment outcomes.   

President, Evolve Psychiatry PC
Medical Director, Northern CA and VP of Medical Training and Development
Medical Director, Southern CA and VP of Medical Operations and Quality