Updated December 30, 2021

Evolve is an essential health care facility that remains open 24/7.  Our Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) all provide lifesaving mental health treatment and support for struggling teens. Our facilities adhere to all safety regulations from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Our Staff is Vaccinated Against COVID-19
A majority of Evolve staff is vaccinated against COVID-19. By reducing the risk of transmission Evolve endeavors to protect our clients, families, and employees.

In addition to having vaccinated staff, the following are other measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our clients and the community at large:

  • Sanitizing facilities regularly
  • Requiring staff and visitors to wear facemasks in the facilities
  • Conducting frequent COVID screenings for clients and staff
  • Limiting access to the facilities to maintain strict sanitation

Incoming Clients
We are requiring that all incoming clients (regardless of vaccination status) receive an Evolve administered rapid test and PCR test upon arrival. Clients coming directly from a hospital should request that the hospital administer a PCR test – these clients will still receive testing upon arrival at the Evolve facility. Clients will receive daily rapid COVID tests and are recommended to wear a mask until PCR test results come back negative.

Admissions and Tours
Currently, on the day of admission to residential treatment, the parents, family or individuals dropping the client off will not be permitted inside the home. Parents and families can, however, speak with the Clinical Team outside on the front porch or in the driveway with masks on and socially distanced. We still want to ensure we’re meeting our clients’ parents’ and family’s needs by spending some time talking with them outside!

Family Therapy and Visits
Consistent with public health experts’ recommendations for social distancing, we have shifted our family therapy sessions to virtual telehealth. If clinically indicated, family therapy can occur outside with masks and socially distanced.

All on-site family weekend visits will be held outside, weather permitting. Families must adhere to social distancing guidelines and masking requirements. All family members must sign in upon arrival and complete the COVID-19 Health Screening. Family visiting times are scheduled to accommodate only one family on-site at any time. We will only be permitting 2 visitors per teen on-site at a time.

Experiential Therapies
We have resumed in-person art therapy, music therapy, and equine therapy. For the time being we have suspended any activity which cannot accommodate our teens wearing masks (this includes rock climbing and surf). All onsite experiential therapy vendors must sign in upon arrival and complete the COVID-19 Health Screening before entering the facility. All vendors and staff must wear facemasks while in the facility.

Home Sanitization
Our staff professionally clean our RTC facilities daily. Staff sanitize all high-traffic surfaces areas every four hours with EPA-recommended antibacterial disinfectants approved for use against emerging viral pathogens. We emphasize handwashing in our RTCs, as frequent handwashing is the most effective step individuals can take to reduce the risk and spread of infection.

Masks and PPE Precautions
Our employees wear KN95 mask or N95 masks in our facilities (both indoor and outdoor areas) at all times. Clients are not mandated to wear masks while on site but do have the option of doing so. Clients must wear masks when on outings in the community. Surgical masks, KN95 masks or N95 masks are available for clients. Clients will receive additional PPE if there is an active COVID-19 infection identified within the facility. Visitors must also wear masks when on the grounds of our facilities.

COVID-19 Screening
Upon entry into our facilities, we require all employees and visitors to complete temperature checks and fill out a form screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with a temperature of 100ºC or above, or experiencing any related symptoms of illness, will not be allowed on-site.

Virtual IOP
Our Camarillo Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is currently operating virtually, with all care provided remotely. All aspects of therapy (individual, group and family therapy; psychiatry; multifamily groups) have moved to online platforms. All of our other outpatient and residential programs are operating as usual.

Safety First
As leaders in the field of adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment, Evolve will continue to work with the community to help teens in crisis. As we navigate all stages of this pandemic, we strive to strike the perfect balance between effectively treating our clients’ mental health needs while simultaneously addressing concerns about their physical health and safety. We are constantly monitoring this ever-changing situation and will continue to follow all regulations of governmental and public health agencies as they develop.

Please contact us for information about our programs and how we help teens and their families.

If you or a parent you know is struggling, Evolve offers free virtual support groups for parents of teens seeking practical guidance and emotional support. Learn more about our support group here.