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Help for you is a call or click away.

If your family is in crisis, we can expedite the admissions/intake process. We work to get you the help you need as soon as possible. It might be the hardest call you ever make. It may be the most difficult conversation you’ve ever had. 

But a single phone call to Evolve can be the first step toward restoring balance, harmony, and peace to your family. 

Call Us Now: 866-204-9519

Insurance Accepted​

Evolve works with most private insurance companies on an in-network and out-of-network basis. We talk to your insurance provider and advocate for you to maximize your benefits at every level of care. We do not accept Medi-Cal or Medicaid.

Call our admissions team for a free verification of benefits.

In-Network Options

Don’t see your provider? 

Don’t worry, we work with most private insurance companies!

Take the first steps on the road to recovery for your family.

We Change Lives Through Tailored Experiences

Mindfulness Practices

Getting control of your emotions, your thoughts and your life means becoming more mindful. At Evolve, we believe that incorporating innovative mindfulness practices helps teens become more self-aware and better able to deal proactively with the challenges they face.

Mindful Walking
Mindful Cooking

Experiential Therapies

Our teens also take part in a wide range of innovative experiential therapies that stimulate the mind and body, getting them back in touch with nature, culture, and themselves.
Rock Climbing
Physical Fitness
Social Outings
Music & Art Therapies

Tailored Continuum of Care Meets Your Family Where You’re At

We offer three levels of care to ensure your family receives a customized treatment solution that meets your child’s needs and sets them up for happiness.

Our innovative clinical experts use a combination of the latest therapeutic approaches to create an individualized plan of care for your teen.

In addition to individual care, every teen benefits from the small, inclusive group therapy sessions that also come from a variety of expert perspectives. 

DBT Skills Training Group

Seeking Safety

Relapse Prevention

We believe that experts delivering the right therapies and levels of care don’t just heal teens–they heal families, too.

Family Therapy >

Parent Coaching >

Parent Support Groups >

Multi-Family Support Group (Outpatient Only)