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Best Mindfulness and Meditation Apps for Teens

You hear all about mindfulness these days. In case you missed the basics, staying mindful means slowing down and paying close attention to this present moment, without judgment. Deep breathing, meditation, walking, and yoga are all mindfulness practices that promote positive wellbeing and mental health. While especially beneficial to those struggling with mental health and […]

Teen Rumination: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescent Depression

Teen Rumination Can Lead to and Exacerbate Depression Depression is a mental health disorder the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (5th Edition) defines as a mood disorder, which is a class of disorder used to describe all the various subtypes of depression and bipolar disorders. Among depressive disorders, the DSM-V identifies nine […]

A Better Resolution: How to Help Teens Sustain Their Goals Beyond January

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Is There a Secret to Creating Achievable Resolutions? Every year there’s that weird week. The one between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Teenagers are out of school, savoring the last days of vacation. Some adults have to go to work – depending on what days of the week Christmas and New Year’s Day fall […]

How Teens Learn to Beat Stress During Treatment

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Daily Stress Management Reduces Risk of Symptom Relapse We all get stressed. Everyone. That includes adults, teenagers, and children: it’s part of being human. Most of the time, stress is a negative experience for the person experiencing it. But we should all understand that not all stress is bad. Sometimes, it helps – but not […]

Complementary Therapies for Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment

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Over the past fifty years, treatment for alcohol and substance addiction – now called alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) – has evolved in several significant ways. The first and most important shift in addiction treatment involved a paradigm shift. Most members of the medical profession and general public now have a […]

Teens with Chronic Pain Experience Depression and Other Mental Health Disorders

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Mental Health Issues in Teens With Chronic Pain According to a worldwide survey conducted in 2019 that included data from over two-hundred thousand children and teens from 42 countries, 44.2 percent reported experiencing chronic pain. In addition, data from 2008 shows that among children and teens who experience chronic pain, 5.1 percent reported pain so […]

Teens in Treatment: The Value of an Active Lifestyle

Why Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) For Teens Include Exercise in Treatment Programs The benefits of exercise for the mind, body, and emotions are well-documented. Exercise helps people who have no physical, psychological, or emotional disorders maintain a strong body, a sharp mind, and a balanced emotional life. Exercise also helps people with physical, psychological, or […]

August is National Wellness Month

The concept of wellness is not new. Most of us have a basic idea of what it means – in its contemporary connotation – but let’s check and see if this modern vision of wellness coincides with the traditional meaning of the word. The first definition we found reads like this: The quality or state […]

How Does Mindfulness Work?

Scientists Search for An Answer A recent study performed at the University of Buffalo in New York offers new evidence about mindfulness that runs contrary to the popular view of what mindfulness does and how mindfulness works. The study, which included over a thousand participants, measured physiological responses to short-term stressors in people who reported […]

2021: April is Stress Awareness Month

Each year, a group of non-profit wellness and mental health awareness organizations sponsor National Stress Awareness Month during the month of April. Along with Stress Awareness Month, they also promote a National Stress Awareness Day. This year we observe Stress Awareness Day on Sunday, April 18th. Last year at this time – mid-April 2020 – […]