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Tarzana Rehab for Teens & Adolescents

Being a teenager is all about transformation, discovering who you are, and going through a lot of changes. It’s a time filled with the pressures of school, juggling extracurricular activities, and maybe even a job. It means figuring out relationships with friends and maybe someone special. And let’s not forget the emotional rollercoaster that comes with puberty. Here at Evolve, we get it. We’re a Tarzana rehab that’s here to offer the mental health services, support, and guidance that teens need to start their journey toward healing from mental health and substance use disorders.

Tarzana Rehab for Teens & Adolescents

Who We Treat:

Evolve is one of few Tarzana treatment centers that specialize in recovery specifically for teenagers aged 12-17. We’re in this together with families, offering a helping hand through treatments for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and mental health, and we’re fully equipped to support teens facing these issues at the same time. Our team of caring and knowledgeable clinicians makes us not just a place for overcoming addiction, but also a supportive environment for teen mental health—making us a dual diagnosis treatment center. 

Here are some of the issues we see most often in our adolescent clients at our Tarzana treatment centers:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal ideation and behaviors
  • PTSD/trauma
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Disordered eating
  • Mood dysregulation (difficulty coping with intense emotions, moods that go up and down throughout the day)
  • Psychosis
  • Behavioral dysregulation (impulsivity, rule-breaking, etc.)
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder

The Benefits of Rehab for Teens

Our Tarzana treatment centers for teens hone in on the unique needs of teens and adolescents. Getting treatment here comes with a whole host of benefits, specially designed with the ups and downs of teenage years in mind. Here’s what makes our program so special:

Customized Care Just for Teens:

At our Tarzana treatment centers for teens, we tailor everything to fit the unique journey of adolescents and young adults – from tackling issues like peer pressure and finding one’s identity to navigating family life. Our treatments are all about meeting the emotional, psychological, and developmental needs of young people.

Finding Your Tribe:

There’s something comforting about being with others who truly get what you’re going through. It creates a sense of belonging and helps teens see they’re not alone. Sharing stories with peers is invaluable.

Bringing Families Together:

Our Tarzana treatment centers offer programs that put a big emphasis on family. Through therapy and shared activities, we work on healing relationships, educating everyone on what addiction and mental health really mean, and making them a key part of the recovery journey.

Keeping Up with School:

We make sure that education doesn’t take a backseat. By either running educational programs or working with schools, we help teens stay on track with their studies, which is a huge confidence booster and key for their future.

Learning Life Skills:

It’s not just about getting through a tough time; it’s about growing. We teach skills for managing stress, making smart choices, and standing strong against peer pressure. These lessons are life-changers, helping teens to thrive and stay on a positive path.

Therapy That Clicks:

Our therapy sessions are anything but one-size-fits-all. At our Tarzana treatment centers, we mix traditional methods with activities like art, music, or outdoor adventure – all chosen to resonate with and engage teenagers. Medication-assisted treatment is available when needed.

Planning for the Future:

We think ahead, crafting aftercare plans to keep teens supported as they move back into everyday life. This might mean ongoing therapy, support groups, or check-ins to keep recovery on track.

Dual Diagnosis Expertise:

It’s common for teens to face mental health challenges alongside substance use disorders. We’re equipped to identify and treat these dual diagnoses together, which is crucial for real, lasting recovery.

Boosting Social Skills:

Rehab isn’t just about overcoming challenges; it’s about building the skills for a healthy, happy life. We focus on things like how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and understand others’ feelings.

A Safe Place to Heal:

With a secure and structured setting, teens can fully focus on getting better without the usual distractions or triggers. It’s a peaceful space dedicated entirely to recovery.

Choosing a teen-focused rehab means finding a program that’s not just about beating addiction or managing mental health, but also about supporting the whole person through the rollercoaster of adolescence. Reach out to us today to learn how we can support your teen on the road to healing.

Insurance Coverage for Rehab in Tarzana

Insurance Accepted​

Evolve works with most private insurance companies on an in-network and out-of-network basis. We talk to your insurance provider and advocate for you to maximize your benefits at every level of care.

We do not accept Medi-Cal or Medicaid.
We are in-network with:

Don’t see your provider?

Don’t worry, we work with most private insurance companies!

FAQs about Rehab in Tarzana

Evolve in Tarzana offers a range of rehab services for teens struggling with substance use and dual diagnosis, including individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, various therapeutic modalities like DBT and Motivational Interviewing, support groups, and crisis intervention.

Signs that your teen may need rehab include changes in behavior, declining school performance, substance abuse, withdrawal from family and friends, and mood swings. Reach out to our admissions team at Evolve to determine the best course of action for your teen.

During the admissions process at Evolve, you can expect an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care for your teen. This may include evaluations of mental health, substance use, medical history, and any co-occurring disorders. Our admissions team will also help you verify your insurance and help minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Yes. At Evolve, we understand how important it is that teens not be away from school for too long. We offer educational support, such as tutoring and academic assistance, to help them continue their education while in treatment.

The duration of treatment varies depending on your teen’s needs and the program they are enrolled in. Some programs may last a few weeks, while others may extend to several months. You can discuss the expected duration with our admissions team.

Many rehab facilities, like us, offer family therapy sessions and support groups to help parents and other family members understand addiction and mental health issues and learn how to support their teen’s recovery journey. After treatment, ongoing support may include family therapy or participation in family support groups. We also offer a FREE parent support group every Thursday at 10AM.

Yes, Evolve in Tarzana offers specialized programs tailored to address specific substance abuse disorders. These programs incorporate evidence-based therapies and treatment modalities designed to address the unique needs of adolescents.

At Evolve, we employ licensed therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in working with adolescents. They undergo rigorous training and have experience in treating teens with various mental health and substance abuse issues.

Aftercare is a crucial part of treatment. At Evolve, our aftercare options include outpatient therapy, support groups, continued education, and ongoing monitoring to support teens in maintaining their recovery progress after leaving rehab.

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