Evolve Residential Treatment Programs

Vanalden – Tarzana, California

Serious Recovery in a Structured Environment

At Evolve Vanalden, a Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) residential treatment center (RTC), teens live on-site in a 6,000 square foot, single-story gated estate. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood just south of the 101, the grounds are spacious, serene, and perfect for reflection and introspection. Orange and lemon trees offer shade on hot days, and the swimming pool is just a few steps away from our back door. We’re a short drive from malls and stores, but the atmosphere is calm and soothing. Our teenagers feel like they’re in a personal, individualized recovery center designed to meet their specific therapeutic needs—because that’s exactly where they are.

Treatment can be hard work, but we know that in the right environment our teens can develop practical coping skills, learn about themselves, have fun, and build enriching new relationships. We encourage personal growth and lay the foundation for sustainable, lifelong recovery.

Comprehensive DBT Residential Treatment Center

Teens receive skills-focused, evidence-based therapy. Our primary therapeutic modality is Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as this location is a fully compliant Comprehensive DBT residential treatment center. We incorporate all four treatment delivery aspects required of Comprehensive DBT programs: Individual Therapy, DBT Skills-Training Groups, Skills Coaching, and Therapists’ Consultation Team. In addition to DBT-focused individual and family sessions, teens participate in four skills groups a week, covering the four DBT modules: Core Mindfulness/Walking the Middle Path, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance. Every encounter of the day is another opportunity for teens to apply their DBT skills—at breakfast, rec hour, or bedtime. Our DBT-trained therapists and counselors are available 24/7 for teens to receive in-the-moment, face-to-face skills coaching whenever they need it. Additionally, all staff who treat your child meet on a weekly basis to evaluate your teen’s progress and their treatment administration, utilizing the same DBT skills language they are using with their patients.

DBT-Trained Staff

Evolve Vanalden staff participate in ongoing DBT trainings and seminars to keep abreast of the latest updates in DBT research. Our clinical program director, Alyson Orcena, LMFT, has been intensively trained through Behavioral Tech, the premier training institute of Dr. Marsha Linehan, DBT’s original creator. All of our primary therapists and residential counselors are trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well.

Choosing a DBT RTC

Teens exposed to a high-impact, immersive Dialectical Behavior Therapy curriculum while still in the stabilization phase of residential treatment gain an early grasp of the DBT skills language and thinking patterns, which jumpstarts their recovery process. Many of our teens can be described as intelligent learners. They are serious, motivated, and willing to engage in the recovery process. Many experience high emotion sensitivity and are struggling with self-harm and/or suicidal behaviors.

Prior exposure to Dialectical Behavior Therapy is not a prerequisite for admission into our program. Upon admission, we conduct a thorough assessment, establish a baseline, and create a treatment plan based on specific needs and goals. While our primary modality is DBT, treatment plans at Vanalden may also include a combination of several therapeutic modes, including:

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

Mindfulness Practices

Physical Fitness

Drama Therapy

Therapeutic Knitting

Creative Writing

Mindful Walking



Our teens also take part in a wide range of innovative experiential therapies, such as:

Equine-Assisted Therapy (Horses)

Social Outings


Music, Art & Dance

Evolve Vanalden Staff

  • Melissa Vallas, MD
    Melissa Vallas, MD
  • Rebecca DeLeon, LMFT
    Rebecca DeLeon, LMFT
    Clinical Program Director
  • Shira Rebibo, LMFT, APCC
    Shira Rebibo, LMFT, APCC
    Clinical Program Director
  • Shirley Renteria, LVN
    Shirley Renteria, LVN
    Facility Nurse
  • Emily La Mear, AMFT
    Emily La Mear, AMFT
    Primary Therapist

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Location Details

Our Comprehensive DBT Residential Treatment Center is located on Vanalden Avenue in Tarzana, about twenty miles west of downtown Los Angeles. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that features:

  • Comfortable, well-appointed living quarters
  • Self-soothe room with a couch, pillows, essential oils, sensory toys, soft blankets, putty, and glitter jars
  • School area with computers, printers, and everything needed for school work, personal enrichment, and therapy assignments
  • Large, open plan kitchen
  • Foosball table
  • Separate clubhouse for group and individual therapy sessions.
  • Covered outdoor grilling area
  • Fully equipped gym with free weights, treadmills, yoga accessories, and various workout equipment
  • Gated swimming pool
  • Large greenspace for leisure and recreation
  • On-site chef

This intimate recovery center serves a maximum of six teenagers at a time, with a 24/7 staff-teen ratio of 3:1.

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Treatment Hours

Monday – Friday: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm