Evolve Cole Ranch

Encinitas, California

Personalized Recovery for Today’s Teens

At Evolve Cole Ranch, teens live on-site in a fully renovated, modern, repurposed farmhouse in the peaceful, safe, and quiet residential neighborhood of Olivenhain in Encinitas, a beachside community in the North County area of San Diego.

Residential Treatment: An Ideal Recovery Setting

It takes time, space, and a supportive, nurturing atmosphere to lay the foundation for sustainable, long-term recovery. With no more than six teens in treatment at a time, this residential location offers innovative, effective, evidence-based support for teens struggling with:

Treatment takes work, but we know our teens can form practical coping skills while learning about themselves, having fun, and building enriching new relationships. We encourage personal growth and lay the foundation for sustainable, lifelong recovery.

The Evolve Treatment Experience

Residential treatment at Evolve is unique. Our facilities are the opposite of the cold, clinical, antiseptic hospital environment you may expect from a residential treatment center. Our treatment centers look and feel like homes because we believe in the healing power of the family dynamic. That’s also what they are: homes in residential neighborhoods chosen to give teens a sense of comfort and belonging. We design our treatment homes to put our teenagers at ease, so they can focus on what matters: growth and recovery. Our teens feel like they’re in a personal, individualized recovery center built to meet their specific therapeutic needs – because that’s exactly where they are.

You can see for yourself what we mean by taking the video tour below. In this thoughtfully created treatment location – complete with modern amenities and cutting-edge clinical care – your teen can step away from the stress of daily life, focus on healing, and begin the transition from where they are to where they want to be:

Custom Treatment Programs

Our teens receive solution-focused, evidence-based therapy every day. Everything we do is geared toward changing behavior and finding the right combination of therapy and support. Since no two teenagers are alike, no two treatment plans are alike. During the admissions process, we conduct a thorough assessment, establish a baseline, and create an Individual Recovery Plan based on specific needs and goals. Recovery Plans at Woodland Hills include a combination of the following therapeutic modes:

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

  • Group Family Therapy
  • Multi-Family Support Groups
  • Group Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Process Groups
  • Commitment Groups

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)



Mindful Walking

Mindful Cooking

Our teens also take part in a wide range of innovative experiential therapies:

Music, Art, and Dance



Physical Fitness

Social Outings

A Healing Environment

Encinitas is a well-known beach community located in San Diego County. Known by locals as North County, the area is famous for its natural beauty, cozy residential neighborhoods, and easy access to a variety of recreational activities. Coastal North County is known for rolling hills leading to tidal lagoons, wetlands, and thirty miles of beaches – some with walkup access that support a thriving surf culture, and others hidden between dramatic coastal bluffs with a Northern Cali feel. Inland North County is known for the countless horse ranches spread throughout its canyons, hills, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Ample recreational trails and public parks make enjoying the geological diversity easy. A quick drive takes residents to everything from desert landscapes to temperate forests – all within reach of commercial areas, medical facilities, and more.

This means that when the teens in our residential program at Cole Ranch take recovery- and treatment-friendly outings and excursions, they enjoy the best of what California has to offer, which enriches the recovery experience and opens their minds to new horizons, new possibilities, and new approaches to creating an intentional, fulfilling life in recovery.

Evolve Cole Ranch Staff

  • Arthur Chou, MD
    Arthur Chou, MD
  • Tamara Fleck-Murray, LMFT
    Tamara Fleck-Murray, LMFT
    Clinical Program Director
  • Kristen Morris, LVN
    Kristen Morris, LVN
    Facility Nurse
  • Janet Reynoso, ACSW
    Janet Reynoso, ACSW
    Primary Therapist
  • Michelle Paamoni, AMFT
    Michelle Paamoni, AMFT

Photos of Our Cole Ranch Program

Cole Ranch Location Details

We’re located ten minutes from I-5, fifteen minutes from downtown Encinitas and the Pacific Ocean, and half an hour from downtown San Diego. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that features:

  • Comfortable, modern living quarters with all amenities
  • Gated driveway and fencing for privacy and safety
  • Beautifully landscaped, impeccably maintained ½ acre lot On-site chef
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • On-site chef
  • Open plan kitchen with connected family-style dining area
  • School area with everything required for academic work, personal enrichment, and therapy assignments
  • Home-theater style entertainment room for movie nights
  • Outdoor fireplace with comfy couches and TV hookup
  • Covered outdoor seating for group meals and/or meetings
  • Swimming pool with connected hot tub
  • Fully equipped gym