We’re sure you have a thousand questions about treatment and recovery—more questions than we could possibly have answered during the admissions process. There’s a world of knowledge out there for you. We’ve compiled a wealth of articles, blogs, and resources to help you navigate this challenging process.

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What Parents Should Know About Teenagers Brains

The Mind of a Teenager What’s going on in the mind of a teenager? That’s a million-dollar question. If parents, teachers or doctors could figure that out, a great deal of the stress of parenting teenagers would be relieved. Teenagers sometimes do things that, to quote the famous song by Will Smith, “Parents just don’t […]

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Social Media: Can Teens Live Offline, Even for a Second?

The Social Impact of Social Media on Teens Social media impacts how teens look at friendship and intimacy in profound and sometimes disturbing ways. Internet culture pushes them to pursue likes, shares, comments, and retweets as a path to social connection. The problem with this phenomenon is that those virtual interactions give an illusion of connection, […]

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Seven Signs of Teen Substance Abuse

Adolescence is not easy. Teenagers face a double-whammy: they’re going through in internal physiological revolution while simultaneously learning the rules of society and coming to grips with the inevitable transition to adulthood. As parents, a great deal of this transformation can make your growing kid act distant, reactive, and for lack of a better word, […]

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