We’re sure you have a thousand questions about treatment and recovery—more questions than we could possibly have answered during the admissions process. There’s a world of knowledge out there for you. We’ve compiled a wealth of articles, blogs, and resources to help you navigate this challenging process.

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The Recovery High School Movement

Teenagers who enter residential, partial hospitalization, or residential treatment for alcohol or substance abuse disorders face a big challenge when they finish their time in rehab: returning to high school. Life after rehab challenges anyone, young or old, but teenagers who go back to their old school fight an uphill battle. Many teenagers in treatment […]

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Contemporary Family Therapy

When it comes to treating substance abuse and mental health in teens, it’s important to ensure the family is included in the treatment program. Incorporating the family, at the right time, is paramount to long-term recovery. What is Family Therapy? Family therapy can take place in many ways. Some family therapy sessions will include the […]

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Expeditionary Learning: A Journey to Knowledge

  “To start a school is to proclaim what it means to be human.” This phrase, written in 1996 by Harvard University professor Meg Campbell in collaboration with a group of educators from the well-known organization Outward Bound in an article entitled “The Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Design,” has inspired a generation of school administrators, […]

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Body Image and the Adolescent Male

Body Image and the Media It’s widely recognized in the U.S. and around the world that young women are susceptible to developing body image issues. This phenomenon is a direct result of film, media, and advertising: for decades, images of thin women wearing bikini bathing suits have been used to sell everything from deodorant to […]

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