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5 Ways Teens Benefit from Full Day PHP Treatment 

Written by Evolve's Behavioral Health Content Team​:

Alyson Orcena, LMFT, Melissa Vallas, MD, Shikha Verma, MD, Ellen Bloch, LCSW, Lianne Tendler, LMFT, Megan Johnston, LMFT Meet The Team >

Adolescence is a challenging time for everyone. The teen years are full of self-discovery and growth, but many teenagers also struggle deeply. Addiction and mental health issues are some of the most common — and life-altering — obstacles that teens face. 

If your teen needs help conquering substance abuse, a mental health condition, or a combination of both, the full-day Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Evolve can be a transformative way get them on the right track. 

So, what is a PHP program, and what benefits does this form of mental health treatment offer? As a middle ground between inpatient and outpatient care, these programs provide structured daily routines, therapeutic interventions, and a supportive community environment to teens, helping them heal, adapt, and come out stronger than before.

Let’s take a look at five ways teens can benefit from a full day of PHP treatment

Mental Health Support

1. Comprehensive Mental Health Support Changes Lives

One of the key benefits of partial hospitalization programs for teens is access to comprehensive care without the need for full residential treatment. A PHP for teens combines group and individual therapy with essential services like medication management and dual diagnosis treatment.

By offering a holistic approach to treatment, our PHP gives teens access to a team of skilled professionals who provide evidence-based therapy, compassionate counseling, and medical support based on a personalized treatment plan.

A well-rested teen after a good night's sleep

2. A Structured Daily Routine Promotes Recovery

Another major benefit of partial hospitalization programs for teens is the positive impact of a structured environment. The teen years are often a time of uncertainty and instability, and a life without structure and support can lead teens into dark places in an effort to cope. PHPs replace self-destructive behaviors with healthy, recovery-focused habits through carefully planned daily schedules. 

A typical day in a partial hospitalization program for teens includes therapy sessions, educational activities, recreation, and meals with peers. This structured routine not only helps teens regain a sense of stability and confidence but also provides them with a safe, predictable place to heal.

By establishing a daily schedule for recovery, PHP treatment helps teenagers develop healthy habits, build discipline, and regain hope, inspiring them to persevere in pursuit of a better life.

Therapeutic Interventions Help Teens

3. Therapeutic Interventions Help Teens Heal

Our PHPs use a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and experiential therapies. Through the use of multiple treatment modalities, PHPs address all of the key aspects of a teen’s struggle with addiction, mental health conditions, or both. Here, adolescents explore and address the underlying causes of their mental health challenges and battles with addiction, develop coping skills, and learn to manage their emotions effectively. 

4. The PHP Schedule Leaves Room for Academics

One of the biggest benefits of partial hospitalization programs for teens is the schedule, which leaves room for teens to focus on their education. Our PHP treatment plans factor in the importance of maintaining academic progress while addressing mental health concerns. 

With a supportive environment that integrates education into the daily routine, teens continue their schooling without disruptions or distractions. This not only ensures that they stay on track with their academic goals but also adds stability to life during a challenging time. 

5. Peer Support and Community

Peer support and a sense of community make PHP treatment even more valuable for teens and their families. Many teens experience daily feelings of isolation and uncertainty, especially in the midst of mental health challenges. PHP treatment takes place in a supportive environment where teens connect with their peers and celebrate each other’s victories throughout the recovery process.

Through group therapy sessions, shared activities, and more, teens in PHP treatment are immersed in a community that understands the unique journey of recovery. This peer support is comforting and inspiring for teens in PHP treatment, helping them overcome loneliness and move forward with a supportive group of friends and peers. The PHP environment also encourages open communication, accountability, and kindness towards self and others—crucial skills for everyday life.

Learn More About PHP for Teens at Evolve 

Discover how partial hospitalization programs can benefit your teen’s mental health and well-being. Contact us today to learn more about our PHP for teens and how we help young people heal, grow, and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Behavioral Health Content Team

We are an expert team of behavioral health professionals who are united in our commitment to adolescent recovery and well-being.

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