We know the decision to place your child in treatment is not an easy one. As parents, you’re probably feeling a rush of conflicting emotions: sadness, uncertainty, guilt, anger, confusion, and even fear. We hope to give you the tools to work through some of those feelings and help your family heal and grow.

When you enroll your teenager in one of our programs, the Evolve team becomes your extended family. We’ll be with you through your entire treatment journey. We’re ready, willing, and able to talk if you have questions or concerns about anything at all.

Treatment: The Right Choice

Treatment works. The right care, right now, can make a lifetime of difference for adolescents suffering from mental health, addiction, and behavioral issues. Treatment gives them the tools to manage their issues, succeed in school, maintain better relationships, feel better about themselves, set healthy goals, make constructive choices, and commit to lifelong positive change.

While your loved one is here, you will benefit, too. At Evolve, treatment is for the whole family. It’s a time of reflection, healing, communicating, and working together. We include everyone who plays a significant and positive role in your child’s life. We succeed when your child leaves Evolve in harmony with themselves, their family, and the world.

We know this journey will be challenging. There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed, isolated, and alone.

But you’re not alone. Once you commit to Evolve, we commit to you. We’re here to support you for the duration. Whether it’s a question you forgot to ask during the admissions process, new information you think we should know, or you need to check in with us about how your child is doing, don’t be shy: pick up the phone and give us a call.