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4 Benefits of Sending Your Teen To Residential Treatment During The Summer


As the parent or guardian of a teenager dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues, deciding on the best course of action can be an overwhelming and heart-wrenching task. You want the best for them, and sometimes, the best option might be to enroll them in a residential treatment center. Although the decision to do this can be difficult, choosing to do so during the summer months can offer numerous unique benefits—and mitigate some risks.

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Here are a few of the advantages you can expect if your teen attends a residential treatment center during the summer:

  1. No Missed School

One of the practical benefits of summer treatment is that it won’t disrupt your teen’s education. Treatment can take time, and during the school year, this could mean significant absences from school. With a summer treatment program, your teen can focus entirely on their recovery without worrying about catching up with schoolwork or missed classes. When they return to school in the fall, they’ll be in a better position to thrive, both personally and academically, having worked through their issues during the summer.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Summer is synonymous with outdoor activities, and many residential treatment centers understand the therapeutic potential of nature. Outdoor activities offer an outlet for teens to release pent-up energy, reduce stress, and learn new coping mechanisms, all while enjoying the outdoors. Evolve Treatment Center offers a robust roster of outdoor activities, including equine-assisted therapy, surfing, hiking, and yoga.

  1. Opportunity to Travel and Grow as Individuals

Why travel for treatment? A change of scenery can be a refreshing break for your teen. At a residential treatment center, your teen will meet new people, explore different activities, and discover new ways to tackle their struggles.

But the journey through a residential treatment center is more than just geographical; it’s a personal journey towards healing and self-improvement. New experiences foster growth, resilience, and self-understanding. The independence gained from residential treatment can be life-changing for a teenager grappling with mental health or substance abuse issues.

  1. Temporary Separation from the Known Environment

Often, a teen’s environment can contribute to their mental health or substance abuse challenges. Whether it’s tough relationships at school, peer pressure, or other environmental triggers, certain factors can hinder their recovery. A residential treatment center provides a safe, controlled environment away from these triggers. This temporary separation allows teens to focus on their healing, learning new coping skills and healthier behavior patterns that they can carry into their daily lives once they return home.

While the idea of sending your teen to a residential treatment center may initially feel daunting, considering the benefits that come from summer programs can bring reassurance. At Evolve, our goal is to provide your teen with the tools they need to live a happier, healthier life. A summer spent here could be the first significant step in your teen’s recovery journey.

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