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Ellen Bloch, LCSW

Meet Ellen, a compassionate and experienced psychotherapist with a heart for working with adolescents. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Ellen has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she brings to Evolve. Her previous roles include working at an Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital and multiple Residential Treatment facilities, as well as being a clinician and supervisor at a private non-profit school serving middle and high school students with learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, and emotional challenges. 

In addition to her work with clients, Ellen is committed to supporting other mental health professionals in her field. She is particularly passionate about supporting program directors and providing supervision to professionals with less experience. Ellen believes in the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise to support the growth and development of others, and she is always eager to lend her support and guidance to those who need it. 

Ellen has been an integral part of the Evolve team since its inception. She has taken on various roles, including primary therapist, program director, and currently serves as our Director of Outpatient Programs. One of Ellen’s current focuses is facilitating our parent support groups, where she brings her extensive clinical experience and passion for working with families to support parents in navigating the challenges of raising teenagers. 

Ellen’s clinical approach is grounded in cognitive therapy and body work, recognizing the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences. She believes that by addressing all aspects of our being, we can better understand ourselves and learn skills to cope with life’s challenges. Ellen has helped countless adolescents, young adults, and their families to gain insight and develop skills to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience. 

As a mother of two grown children, Ellen understands firsthand the joys and challenges of parenting teenagers. She brings a deep sense of compassion and integrity to her work, honoring the unique path of every adolescent she works with. Ellen sees her role as a mentor, helping clients find their own voices, connect with their individual spirit, and truly find themselves. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. 

Photo of Ellen Bloch

Ellen Bloch, LCSW

Director of Outpatient Programs