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Mental Health Treatment Centers for Teen Addiction

Side Effects of Drugs in Teens

If you’re a parent who recently discovered your teen has an addiction disorder, the first thing you want to do is find them the help they need. That means you’re probably thinking, “I need to find a drug rehab center for my teenager.” That’s a good idea, and it will put you on the right […]

New National Suicide and Mental Health Emergency Hotline: Call 988

red telephone to represent 988 hotline

Suicide Hotline, Mental Health Emergencies, Substance Use Emergencies Before the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country in early 2020 and created a mental health crisis for children and adolescents that prompted the Surgeon General of the United States to publish an advisory in early 2021 called Protecting Youth Mental Health, there was already a mental […]

Texting While Driving and Addiction in Teens

teen girl texting and driving

Is Texting While Driving a Warning Sign or Risk Factor for Addiction? There’s an interesting phenomenon in the field of mental health research that’s developed over the past fifteen years. We should clarify that. The phenomenon developed in a subfield of mental health research: addiction research. The subject of the phenomenon we’re talking about goes […]

Fatal Adolescent Drug Overdose: New Report Shows Alarming Trend

teen girl looking sleepy

Fentanyl-Involved Deaths Drive Increase If you read or follow national news at all, you know that for the past decade, the nation has been in the grip of what’s called the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis – or the opioid epidemic, as it is also called – actually began over twenty years ago, around 1999, […]

Is Your Teen Developing a Gambling Problem?

teen boy on computer

Problem Gambling Among Adolescents When parents think of the behavioral, mental health, or emotional disorders their children might experience or develop during adolescence, a gambling addiction or disorder typically isn’t at the top of their what should I worry about? checklist. During this pandemic era, most parents have their attention on the mental health issues […]

Risky Behavior: Dangers of Teens Using Household Products Such as Inhalants

Inhalants Can Kill Within Minutes – With Just One Use If you’re the parent of a teenager, you know there’s a very real chance your child might experiment with alcohol or drug use during their teenage years. Right or wrong, experimenting with intoxicants has become akin to a rite of passage in the U.S. It’s […]

What Parents Need to Know About Wax, Dabbing, and Vaping Marijuana

This is Not the Marijuana Hippies Smoked at Woodstock After alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is the most commonly used and abused drug among teenagers in the United States. Teen marijuana use became widespread in the 70s, dipped in the 80s, and steadily increased through the 90s, the 2000s, and 2010s. When marijuana vaping products became […]

Post-Pandemic Socializing Might Mean Trouble for Teens in Recovery: Here’s Why

If you’re a teen, you’ve got to be excited the coronavirus pandemic is coming to an end. 2020 was tough. You endured a year of missed school, no friends, and no gatherings. Facemasks, anxiety, social distancing. Missed milestones, cancelled trips, and quarantines. It’s no wonder COVID-19 caused a mental health crisis for teens and young […]

Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week 2021

Each year during the week of Valentine’s Day, alcoholism awareness advocates around the U.S. and the world observe National Children of Alcoholics Week (COA Awareness Week) to draw attention to the challenges children of alcoholic parents face every day. In response to the growing epidemic of addiction in the U.S., COA Awareness week now includes […]

Why Starting Treatment at Evolve Over Thanksgiving is a Good Idea

If your teenager has a mental health or substance use disorder, you may have considered residential treatment for them at some point in the past. If they have a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, you understand that if they spend a period of time focusing solely on healing and recovery, […]