Evolve Treatment Centers offer the highest quality teen rehab centers and outpatient treatment programs available for adolescents 12 to 17 years old struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or behavior issues.

A Life Worth Living

Evolve creates individual treatment plans that address the unique needs of our teenagers and their families. We empower teens with the knowledge and insight they need to make positive, productive choices. We encourage them to embrace their imagination, discover their passions, unlock their infinite potential, and create a personal vision of happiness.

Skills for Success

We teach teens practical tools to tolerate and manage stress, regulate difficult and uncomfortable emotions, and improve relationships with families and peers. We come from a place of empathy, compassion, and understanding. We teach our teens to accept where they are, when they are, and who they are without judgment.

Treatment for the Whole Person

Our experienced team of licensed, professional clinicians work to understand emotional challenges, addiction problems, and behavioral issues in context. We know that no one lives in a vacuum. Children develop coping strategies in response to a complex array of biological, psychological, and social factors. When they hit puberty, the stakes change: choices have dramatic consequences and impact the course of their lives. We delve deep to uncover the root issues behind their struggles and develop a holistic, multi-layered program to address their specific needs and help them build a sustainable and fulfilling life.

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