Life After Treatment

Our clinicians and discharge coordinators work closely with parents, schools, and referring providers to ensure a seamless, successful transition from treatment to daily life. The Evolve team gathers critical data and engages in dialogue regarding problem and treatment history, strengths and deficits, and avenues for growth. Our goal is sustainable, lifelong recovery.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

Recovering from addiction and other mental health concerns is an ongoing process that can require lifelong maintenance. Rehab aftercare for teenagers is available after treatment has been completed. Each teen aftercare plan is customized to meet that person’s specific needs. It may be helpful to think of aftercare as a safety net that is there to catch your teen if they are struggling to adapt to life after treatment or if they are tempted to relapse with drug or alcohol use. 

Different Types of Aftercare Support for Teens

A teen rehab aftercare program can contain a number of different elements. Each is designed to provide the extra support most people, regardless of their age, need to be successful in recovery. Some of the different options available in aftercare for teens include:

  • Participation in an alumni program
  • Staying in a sober-living facility
  • Attending 12-Step or other recovery meetings
  • Building a sober support network
  • Continuing with individual or group therapy sessions

Participating in a relapse prevention program that helps individuals recognize and cope with their personal triggers may also be part of a teen aftercare plan. 

Aftercare Works

Our teens finish our programs with the tools and motivation to evolve and grow after they leave us. Upon discharge from the more supervised and structured elements of our programs, we provide a detailed transition plan to support our teens in the months and years to come.

We set our teens up with times, locations, and everything they need to know about support groups such as AA, NA, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery—to name just a few.

Treatment can be challenging, but the greatest challenge our teens face is applying what they learn at Evolve when they go back out into the world.

Why Aftercare Is Important for Teens

Aftercare is important because it provides a transition from the safe, therapeutic environment of a residential treatment center back into everyday life. Top adolescent residential treatment centers recognize that continuity of care is vital to achieving stability. 

Benefits of Aftercare for Teens

When your child decides to participate in rehab aftercare for teens, they are making a decision that will help them maintain long-term sobriety. While it is exciting to reintegrate into their hobbies and social life after completing treatment, the weeks or months a teenager spends in aftercare is an investment worth making.

Some of the major benefits of aftercare for teens include:

  • More successful transition to “real world” living
  • A strong support system of recovery specialists and peers
  • Additional skills that help teens deal with cravings
  • Academic assistance such as tutors, SAT prep, or help with college applications
  • Improved coping skills
  • Increased confidence
  • More therapeutic time to rebuild important relationships with friends and family
  • Learning or relearning daily responsibilities, such as household chores

Busy teens will also benefit from the structure provided in aftercare. Having a daily structure is especially important early in recovery when teens are still learning how to interact with peers and enjoy life without turning to drugs or alcohol. 

How to Make an Addiction Aftercare Plan

To help your teen make an aftercare plan, meet with one of our recovery specialists. We can advise you on our recommendations based on your child’s individual strengths and needs. 

Find Help at Evolve Treatment Centers

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