Since no two teenagers are alike, no two treatment plans are alike. We get to know our teens and tailor treatment to meet their specific needs. We formulate an Individualized Recovery Plan that changes as progress is made. We focus on what works, capitalize on the strengths of each person, and cultivate an authentic, compassionate, and caring atmosphere where our teens learn the skills they need to lead a fulfilling life.

We know the path that brought you here has not been an easy one. Seeking treatment for your adolescent child can be fraught with anxiety, fear, and confusion.

We understand.

Many of our staff have kids of their own, so we approach every family we meet with compassion, empathy, and understanding. We work with you to determine what level of care best serves your teen and which Evolve location best suits your family’s needs. During the admissions process, we conduct a thorough assessment, establish a baseline, and create an Individual Recovery Plan based on specific needs and goals. Everything we do is geared toward changing behavior and finding the right combination of therapy and support for every family.

Teen Treatment Programs

Mental health and substance abuse programs for teens are generally split into inpatient and outpatient treatment. More specifically, how to find a quality treatment program for teens is based on factors such as the treatment’s focus and the program’s length. The main things to look for in an adolescent treatment program include:

  • Intensive Outpatient
  • PHP/Day Treatment
  • Residential Treatment
  • Virtual Outpatient Programs
  • DBT Programs
  • LGBTQ-Affirming Programs
  • Mental Health Programs For Teens
  • Family Therapy
  • Post Treatment

If Evolve is not the right fit for your family, we will tell you. Then we will refer you to a provider we feel is appropriate. We never force the situation, try to talk you into one of our programs, or admit a teenager simply to fill an empty space.

What Makes Evolve Treatment Different 

It goes without saying how important a strong support network from friends and family, especially family, is to your mental and physical health. It helps anyone, especially teens stay accountable and continue to work on their health after treatment. Evolve is exactly what it sounds like, positive forward change, but our approach to healing and open communication makes us different. Our inpatient and outpatient teenage behavior treatment centers are designed like a home where we live like a family. We laugh, learn, grow, and heal together with tailored recovery plans and specific teen treatment modalities that heal the whole person and family.

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