Parent’s Guide to Parental Abuse: What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

Let’s talk about a tough topic—parental abuse. It’s more than just conflicts and defiance; it involves subtle control over power dynamics within families. This article will cover the complexities of parental abuse, including warning signs, what factors can cause a child to be abusive toward a parent, and ways to seek help.  There is hope […]

A Parent’s Guide To Dealing With Out Of Control Teens

Dealing with Out of Control Teens

What’s Behind Teen Aggression & Destruction?  Adolescence can be a difficult time for teens—and, famously, for their parents. Unfortunately, teens tend to react to their difficulties with aggressive behaviors, making violence in teens more common than you’d think. Teen aggression, manifesting as hitting, breaking, or harming animals, can be perplexing for parents. Often, these behaviors […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teen Sedative Use

Teenager is Using Sedatives

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your teenager’s well-being, especially in a world where drug abuse is increasingly common. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into teen sedative use to help you recognize the signs and take steps towards your teen’s recovery. What Are Sedatives? Sedatives, also known as sedation […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teen Opioid Use

Teen Opioid Use

As a parent, witnessing your teen grapple with adolescence can be challenging, especially when it comes to substance use. Unfortunately, the increasing prevalence of teen opioid addiction is a critical issue that demands attention and understanding.  At Evolve, we’re here to educate and support you. If you suspect that your child is using opioids, this […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teen Hallucinogen Use

Understanding Teen Hallucinogen Use

Navigating the teenage years can be complex, both for teens and their parents. In a world where curiosity often intersects with risk, it can be difficult to know how to handle it if you discover your teen has been using  hallucinogenic drugs. While these substances are sometimes wrapped in the guise of exploration or escapism, […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Child Abuse

child abuse

There are few things in life more devastating than discovering that your child has been abused. Whether the abuser is a person you know or someone you’ve never met, the sense of betrayal and fear that can come up can be overwhelming—both for your child and for you. It can also be highly disconcerting to […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teen Cocaine Use 

cocaine use

Discovering that your teen is using cocaine can be extremely jarring, especially with the recent uptick in fentanyl-laced cocaine. If you know your teen is using, it’s important to act fast but remain calm, as getting angry could alienate them further. Understanding the nature of cocaine, recognizing the signs of use, and knowing how to […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Autism in Teens

Autism in Teens

Navigating an autism diagnosis for your teen can be daunting. With tons of misinformation about autism on the internet, it can be difficult to know what autism really is, or how you can help your teen through its challenges.  At Evolve, we specialize in teen and adolescent treatment, including treatment for teen Autism Spectrum Disorder […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Anger in Teens

Anger in Teens

Raising a teenager can feel like navigating a minefield, especially when that teen is grappling with anger issues. As a parent, you might find yourself at a loss amid the mood swings and outbursts, wondering where the cheerful child you once knew has gone. It’s hard not to take their anger personally, to feel hurt, […]

A Parent’s Guide: Understanding Amphetamine Use in Teens

Amphetamine Use in Teens

“I found my teenager is taking speed: now what?” As a parent, it can be terrifying to discover that your teen is taking amphetamines without your knowledge, and it’s crucial to be informed about the risks and realities of amphetamine use, Adderall misuse, and prescription drug abuse among teenagers.  At Evolve, we specialize in teen […]