We know you want to learn as much as you can about what’s going on inside your mind, body, and spirit as you navigate your recovery. We’ve compiled a wealth of articles, blogs, and other resources to help you understand the latest science and approaches to treating mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral issues. Whatever you’re struggling with, you can draw on the experience and wisdom of those who’ve gone before you.

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FML: I’m So Depressed

How many times have you said this to yourself or one of your best friends? Probably about a thousand. Or more. The numbers aren’t all in yet, and it’s still early. By tomorrow it may be two thousand. It all depends on what happens. The thing is, there’s depression, and then there’s depression. Real depression […]

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What If My Parents Are Addicts?

We know teenagers hate having old sayings, tired platitudes, and supposedly-wise adages thrown at them, but we’re going to open this blog with one of them anyway: “Kids are more likely to do what you do than do what you say.” You may be thinking, “Tell that to my parents, not to me.” And you’re […]

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New Town, New School, New You: Same Recovery

You went through treatment and you’re on the road to recovery. Maybe you spent part of the summer in a residential program, or maybe you did an intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, or day treatment program. You spent long, tough hours uncovering the issues that led you to addiction or substance abuse, and then you spent […]

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Back to School after Rehab

As summer winds down, teenagers around the country head back to school. Some start in the beginning of August, while some start later, around Labor Day. In the Los Angeles area of Southern California, where Evolve offers substance abuse and addiction treatment for teens, high school tends to start in the middle weeks of August. […]

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I’m Afraid to Talk to My Parents

Something happens when you grow up: you stop talking to your parents about everything in your life. When you’re little, your parents are the first people you want to tell when anything at all happens. Maybe you don’t remember, or maybe you were brought up by your grandparents or an aunt, uncle, or someone else. […]

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