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For Teens: Five Ways to Reduce Stress

Are you stressed out? First round of mid-terms got you all in a twist? Worried a bad grade might ruin your chances at getting into a good college? We can’t eliminate stress from your life, but we can offer these five easy things you can do to manage it. Five Simple Tips for Reducing Stress […]

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Mindfulness and Recovery: One Person’s Journey

Mindfulness: The Heart of Recovery by Anonymous  [Note: Typicaly we post topical, third-person articles on subjects related to addiction and recovery. For this article, we make an exception: it was written by one of our colleagues, and we think it may help anyone struggling with alcohol or substance use disorders – particularly as it connects […]

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The Common Sense Census Part 1: A Report on Media Use by Tweens and Teens

In November 2015, Common Sense Media published a large-scale study that examines the way young people in the United States use media and technology. The study, conducted over six weeks in the early spring of 2015, included 2,658 children age eight to eighteen. Tweens were defined as children age eight to twelve, while teens were […]

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