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I’m Too Old For Halloween! (No You’re Not)


So, Mr. and Ms. Teenager.

You think you’re too old for Halloween?

Think all that fun Halloween stuff is for little kids?

Think again.

No one is too old to have fun on Halloween.

But maybe you’re totally over trick-or-treating.

Fair enough: that’s your choice.

Before you write it off entirely, however, we want you to try something: chaperone younger siblings or maybe help neighborhood parents by chaperoning their young kids on a trick-or-treating jaunt around the block.

Maybe you’ll remember what you’re missing: we hope so.

But if that sounds like misery instead of fun, we have ideas you might like.

Five Ways for Teens to Enjoy Halloween

  1. A Haunted House. Get your parents to take you to one of those super-scary ones that come through town every year. Or get a group of friends together and have your parents drop you off. It will be fun, and you get to find out who, in your friend group, is startle-icious. Then you can have fun spooking them year-round. No, don’t do that – but we’re just saying you could, theoretically.
  2. DIY Haunted House. Find the friend in your group of peers who has a big basement, a usable attic, or has parents that don’t mind a group of teens turning their entire house into Maison de SPOOK! for one night.
  3. Par-Tay! Invite a group of friends over and have a costume contest, a pumpkin-carving contest, or do fun activities on a Halloween theme.
  4. Movie Marathon. Invite your friends over and watch all the scariest movies you can think of – with parental approval, of course. Halloween movies range all the way from those that are appropriate for first-graders to those that scare most adults half to death. Choose wisely, get ready to scream, and have plenty of popcorn ready.
  5. Be The Coolest House on the Block. Participate in the neighborhood fun by holding down the fort and handing out the candy. Decorate the yard, your porch, and even – gasp! – dress up in costume. All you have to do is chill at home and wait for the kids to show up. When the doorbell rings, throw on that zombie mask, give the little ones a scare, then give them candy. Easy peasy.

You may be too old to go trick-or-treating, but you are most definitely not too old to have fun on the spookiest night of the year!

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