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A Parent’s Guide to Why Kids and Teenagers Hit

Angry boy teenager

Is your child hitting you or others? Watching your child act out physically can be distressing and confusing for parents. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why children might engage in hitting behavior. Why Do Kids Hit? Is It Normal for Kids to Hit? Hitting family members is a common behavior among children, especially […]

Parent’s Guide to Parental Abuse: What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

Let’s talk about a tough topic—parental abuse. It’s more than just conflicts and defiance; it involves subtle control over power dynamics within families. This article will cover the complexities of parental abuse, including warning signs, what factors can cause a child to be abusive toward a parent, and ways to seek help.  There is hope […]

A Parent’s Guide To Dealing With Out Of Control Teens

Dealing with Out of Control Teens

What’s Behind Teen Aggression & Destruction?  Adolescence can be a difficult time for teens—and, famously, for their parents. Unfortunately, teens tend to react to their difficulties with aggressive behaviors, making violence in teens more common than you’d think. Teen aggression, manifesting as hitting, breaking, or harming animals, can be perplexing for parents. Often, these behaviors […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Child Abuse

child abuse

There are few things in life more devastating than discovering that your child has been abused. Whether the abuser is a person you know or someone you’ve never met, the sense of betrayal and fear that can come up can be overwhelming—both for your child and for you. It can also be highly disconcerting to […]

Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Through Sibling Relational Problems

Sibling Relational Problems

Dealing with sibling fights can be a challenging aspect of parenting. Sibling conflicts are a common part of family life, but they can sometimes turn the household upside down. Whether it’s arguing over resources, feeling jealous, or just not getting along, these fights between brothers and sisters are more than just simple disagreements. They’re an […]

Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Through Night Terrors & Nightmares 

Helping Teens Through Night Terrors

As a parent, witnessing your teen struggle with night terrors and nightmares can be deeply unsettling. At Evolve, we specialize in adolescent care and are committed to helping teens improve their mental health. We’ve created this guide to help you understand teen nightmares and night terrors and provide effective support for your teen. The Differences […]

Understanding and Addressing Parent-Child Relational Problem: A Parent’s Guide 

Parent-Child Relations

As a parent, you love your child more than anything, but raising a teenager can be enormously challenging. When elements like respect and communication are missing between you and your child, it can lead to a parent-child relational problem. Often, these problems reflect dynamics or patterns that are harmful to both the parent and the […]