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A Parent’s Guide to Why Kids and Teenagers Hit

Angry boy teenager

Is your child hitting you or others? Watching your child act out physically can be distressing and confusing for parents. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why children might engage in hitting behavior. Why Do Kids Hit? Is It Normal for Kids to Hit? Hitting family members is a common behavior among children, especially […]

A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with an Angry Teenager

Teenage boy arguing with parent

Dealing with an angry teenager can be challenging for any parent. The teen years are tumultuous, and sometimes it can be difficult to  know whether your teen’s anger is normal or out of control. Understanding the signs of anger issues, knowing when to seek help, and learning effective anger management techniques are crucial for maintaining […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Anger in Teens

Anger in Teens

Raising a teenager can feel like navigating a minefield, especially when that teen is grappling with anger issues. As a parent, you might find yourself at a loss amid the mood swings and outbursts, wondering where the cheerful child you once knew has gone. It’s hard not to take their anger personally, to feel hurt, […]

Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Through Sibling Relational Problems

Sibling Relational Problems

Dealing with sibling fights can be a challenging aspect of parenting. Sibling conflicts are a common part of family life, but they can sometimes turn the household upside down. Whether it’s arguing over resources, feeling jealous, or just not getting along, these fights between brothers and sisters are more than just simple disagreements. They’re an […]