Is It Normal For Teens to Watch Porn & What Are The Effects?

If you’re a teenager reading this article, the chances are you’ve already watched porn. It may have been on your phone, laptop, tablet, or – as the classic response goes – you happened to maybe see some pictures on your friend’s phone that one time. Whatever the case may be for you, research shows that […]

I Caught My Teen Sexting. Now What?

You might have gotten the call from another parent, who was appalled. Or the school administrator. Or maybe you found out about it yourself. Inadvertently saw some of the photos on your teen’s phone. Read some of the racy texts. How you discovered it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, you caught your teen sexting. Help! My Teen […]

Am I Addicted to My Phone? My Parents Think So But Is That Even a Thing?

You’ve heard it since you got your phone in middle school: “Too much time on that thing is going to rot your brain.” But you know that’s not true. You use your phone every day and you’re totally fine. Your brain, despite the sage predictions of your parents, has not turned to mush. Gray matter […]

Is Your Teen at Risk of Human Trafficking?

Side Effects of Opioid Drugs in Teens

Child trafficking is a serious problem in the U.S. and worldwide. This abhorrent practice almost disappeared in the U.S. in the 1990s, but is back, and increasing every year. The return of child trafficking is directly related to the prevalence of the internet, smartphones, and social media/messaging technology. Texting and messaging technology appeared in the […]

Sextortion, Teenage Boys, and Suicide

teenage boy surfing on phone

Online Predators Target Adolescent Males When we think of online predators – more accurately, when we think of the victims of online predators – we most often think of young women. We think of teenage girls. We imagine older men grooming vulnerable young women, luring them into compromising situations that can end in about a […]

Texting While Driving and Addiction in Teens

teen girl texting and driving

Is Texting While Driving a Warning Sign or Risk Factor for Addiction? There’s an interesting phenomenon in the field of mental health research that’s developed over the past fifteen years. We should clarify that. The phenomenon developed in a subfield of mental health research: addiction research. The subject of the phenomenon we’re talking about goes […]

Is Your Teen Developing a Gambling Problem?

teen boy on computer

Problem Gambling Among Adolescents When parents think of the behavioral, mental health, or emotional disorders their children might experience or develop during adolescence, a gambling addiction or disorder typically isn’t at the top of their what should I worry about? checklist. During this pandemic era, most parents have their attention on the mental health issues […]

Real-Life Support Helps More Than Social Media, Study Says

Adolescents are social creatures who need social outlets to stay healthy. Many teens rely on social media to connect with others. It’s free, widely used, and easily accessible. And while social media is a reliable source of support for teens, a new study shows it’s less effective than real-life support. Social support provides a sense […]

May 7th is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Every year on May 7th, a committed group of private, public, and non-profit organizations join together to celebrate National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (CMHAD). CMHAD has two primary goals: Raise awareness about the importance of children’s mental health Show that positive mental health is an essential aspect of child development This year, more than […]

More Time on Social Media Increases the Risk of Cyberbullying in Teens

The average teenager spends seven hours online every day for entertainment. While spending more time online is a reality of modern life, it changes the way adolescents interact with one another, often in negative ways. For example, too much time on social media can increase your child’s risk of being bullied online and becoming a […]