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DBT More Effective in Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): Lasting Effect, Less Time to Symptom Reduction A random controlled trial (RCT) called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adolescents With Repeated Suicidal and Self-harming Behavior: A Randomized Trial” examined the effect of a short-term DBT treatment program designed for adolescents (DBT-A) on self-harming behavior, suicidal ideation, and depressive symptoms. Researchers compared the […]

Risk of Suicide in BPD Teens with Prior Suicide Attempts

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What Increases Risk of Subsequent Suicide Attempts in Teens with BPD? Over the past two years, we’ve published several articles on borderline personality disorder in teens. Our primary objective in all of these articles is to help parents of teens with BPD and teens with BPD learn as much as they can about the disorder. […]

Risk of Suicide in Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder

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Treatment for Adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder Can Reduce Symptom Severity Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is one of the most challenging and disruptive mental health disorders humans experience. This is true for the people who develop BPD as well as their friends, families, loved ones, and the mental health professionals who treat them. For decades, members […]

Increase in Suicide Deaths among Adolescents: Did Boxed Warnings on Depression Medication Lead to Missed Diagnoses of Serious Depression and Suicide Risk?

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Researchers: FDA Warnings Associated With Decreases in Treatment Teen mental health is everywhere in the news right now. There’s one aspect of teen mental health dominating the headlines: the increase in teen suicide risk and suicide deaths. It’s not a new story. Between 2007 and 2018, teen suicide rates increased almost sixty percent. In 2014, […]

Identifying Suicide Risk in Adolescents: The Role of the Primary Care Physician

Can the Family Doctor Help Identify Suicide Risk and Prevent Teen Suicide? Teen mental health is on the mind of every parent in the country right now. And if it’s not, it’s our position that it should be. We say that not only as professionals working in adolescent mental health, but also as concerned parents, […]

Finding the Top Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers

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A Checklist for Parents Seeking Residential Treatment for Teens When your child crossed the threshold from pre-teen to full-fledged teenager, you probably braced yourself for the changes you knew were coming. You expected a range of physical, emotional, social, and psychological growth known as differentiation. The experts told you your teen would develop their own […]

San Diego Teens and Mental Health

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Does the San Diego Area Have Enough Mental Health Programs for Teens? Last summer, Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego shared a startling statistic with reporters from local radio station kpbs. At the midpoint of 2021, they’d seen a 25 percent increase in emergency room visits for acute mental health emergencies. As mental health professionals, […]

Profiles of Adolescents at Higher Risk for Suicide Risk

What Combination of Factors Makes Teen Suicide More Likely? In December 2021, the Surgeon General of the United States released an advisory that every parent of teenagers should be aware of. He warned that teenagers in the U.S. are in what can only be described as a mental health crisis. Here’s a short list of […]