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School’s Out


Helping Teens Return to Structure and School

For most families across the U.S., this past year has been like no other. We all know why: the pandemic. We hope that it’s ending and that most of us are on the verge of returning to life-as-usual. Or perhaps a better way to say it is we’re returning to a new normal. But there’s a twist. We’ve all grown accustomed to this abnormal, which means the new normal may

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How Does COVID-19 Affect Summer Jobs for Teens?

Summer is almost here. It’s a time of longer days and warmer temperatures, and most teens look forward to a break from school – and more time to sleep in. But, as any parent knows, summers can be a precarious time for young adults. Too much unstructured time can lead to counterproductive habits, boredom, and frustration. It’s always wise for parents to look for something to provide a little structure

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How to Survive the Transition From Middle School to High School

For a teen, perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking academic transitions is the one between middle school and high school. There’s a new, bigger school building you have to acclimate to.  New peers, which mean new cliques. Brand-new teachers and classes—and many of them. A faster pace at school. Anticipating all of these new social and academic changes could cause a bit of stress in anyone, let alone a teen

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Summer Volunteer Options for Teenagers

Summer is here. If you have a teen around the house and you’re looking to keep them busy doing something productive until school starts, don’t worry. We have a great idea that might be the perfect solution. We realize we’re nearing the midpoint of summer – let’s call it July 4th – and it’s a little late to make plans. But sometimes plans change. And let’s face it: sometimes the

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Summer, Teens, and Driving: The Deadly Season

The three-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day – known in the Northern Hemisphere as summer – is beloved for many reasons. School’s out. It’s vacation time. The days are long. Twilight lasts for hours. For most teenagers, ideal summer day goes something like this: wake up late, go to the pool, forget to reapply sunscreen, come home tired, sunburnt, and hungry. Eat dinner, then go out back out

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Summer Planning for Teens: The Benefits of Summer Camp

The Benefits of Summer Camp Summer is coming. Our cultural obsession with the phrase “Winter is Coming” has parents across the nation chuckling. Sure – we love Game of Thrones as much as anyone. And we fear the White Walkers as much as anyone: they’re scary. But for some parents, nothing strikes fear into their hearts like planning summer for a teenager. For them, summer is the real thing to

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Summer Mental Health Check-in: College Students

Home for the Summer  Parents who send their children off to college often wrestle with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, an empty nest can be quiet and easy to manage, while on the other hand, the same quiet that comes from the absence of teenagers can carry a tinge of sadness and leave moms, dads and caregivers wondering: what next? If you’re one of those new empty nesters with

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The One Hundred Deadliest Days of Summer

Increased Risk of Teen Car Crashes and Fatalities The three-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day – known in the Northern Hemisphere as summer – is famous for many things and beloved for many reasons. School’s out. Families go on vacation. Kids of all ages go to camp. Teenagers get their first jobs, hang out with friends, and find ways to fill the long hours between sunup and sundown

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International Summer Travel Programs for Teenagers

What’s Your Teenager Doing This Summer? Parents of teenagers face a decision at the end of every school year. What am I going to do with my teen over the summer months? It’s not a simple question. While it’s true that students do need a break from the rigor of day-to-day academics, it’s also true that backsliding—the loss of academic knowledge over the summer—can be a real problem. In which

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My Teen is Partying Too Much and Spring Break Terrifies Me

So. You suspect your teenager has decided to take a walk on the wild side. You’ve seen the warning signs. New friends, loss of interest in old activities, missing curfew, glassy eyes, funny breath, unpredictable moods, and falling grades. Add them all up, and the sum total is nothing good. Which means you more than suspect. You know something’s up: they’re abusing alcohol, smoking marijuana, or getting into prescription drugs

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