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What Will My Teen’s Discharge Plan Look Like?

Your teen is getting treatment at a teen rehab center. Now what? While treatment can be challenging, it can be equally difficult for your child to maintain progress after leaving the more supervised and structured elements of a teen rehab center. Your adolescent will be re-exposed to all the stressors in their environments (like their […]

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Teens, Recovery, and You: Why Family Participation Matters

There’s a little-known fact about recovery from mental health and substance use disorders: the person in treatment is not the only one who changes. A growing body of research shows that achieving and maintaining long-term, sustainable mental health and sobriety is far more likely when members of the immediate family engage in the therapeutic process […]

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My Teenager is Coming Home from Residential Treatment: What Happens Now?

The transition from alcohol or substance abuse treatment back to home life can be an emotionally charged time for everyone involved. For parents, it’s often a mirror image of the days and weeks immediately preceding treatment. Before you placed your teenager in a residential program, you probably felt a disconcerting and uncomfortable jumble of sadness, […]

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