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Technology Addiction in Teens: Online and Social Media Reliance

What is Technology Addiction? Technology addiction is extremely prevalent among teenagers. The technology addiction teens deal with today has only increased in prevalence in the last several years. Around half of teens self-report being addicted to their smartphones, and some studies even show that teens spend around nine hours online per day. With stats like […]

Gaming Addiction in Teens

What is Gaming Addiction? Are teens too reliant on technology? When looking at the tech habits of your teen, do they seem compulsive and dependent?  Video game addiction is a common problem for people of all ages. However, young people are profoundly affected by tech addiction and its symptoms.  If you’re wondering about the causes, […]

Screen Addiction Disorder: How is it Affecting Teens

What is an Addiction to Screens? Screen addiction is a prominent issue among all age groups, but it’s particularly concerning in teens. So, what is an addiction to screens? Screen addiction disorder is characterized by excessive and compulsive use of digital devices, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. Screen addiction can affect a teen’s […]