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Parents of Teens: Reminders for a Safe Fourth of July During COVID-19

This year, the Fourth of July may be difficult for teens. Many organizations have canceled in-person celebrations due to COVID-19. Beaches are closed. Traditional fireworks displays have been canceled. All this comes on the heels of cancelled proms, end-of-year trips, graduations, and summer camps. These disappointments are hard for teens. Now, no holiday weekend to […]

Seven Ways Teens Can Celebrate the Fourth of July During COVID-19

It’s the Fourth of July! Woohoo! Head to the beach, have a cookout, and watch fireworks with your friends and family. But this year – probably not. Obviously the situation is a little different. With coronavirus cases rising all over America, local and state officials are urging families to stay home and remember that despite […]

One Word That Can Harm Your Relationship With Your Teen

“Just snap out of it.” “Can’t you just get out of bed already?” “Just decide to be in a good mood, and you will be!” How many times have you uttered these phrases – or similar ones – to your teenager? While you think you’re being helpful, the word “just” invalidates any message you’re trying […]