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Allowing Children to Fail

Failure, Adversity, and Resilience Most people who’ve lived a little bit agree: the tough times shape us. Over the course of a lifetime, it’s how we handle the most challenging situations that really define who we are. Somewhere along the way we’re taught that adversity builds character, mistakes are opportunities to learn and in order […]

What Happens if My Teenager Gets a DUI in California?

The list of things parents worry about seems endless. When kids are young, the worries are fundamental. You’re preoccupied with covering the basics like food, clothing, and shelter. You make sure your babies get plenty of hugs and kisses. Your concerns keep pace alongside them as they grow: you want them to make friends in […]

Trends in Treatment: Brain Imaging and Recovery

Neuroimaging and Addiction Treatment: What It is and How It Can Help Modern medicine is like a miracle. Today we can treat diseases, injuries, and chronic conditions that not long ago would have left many of us dead or disabled. This is true for everything from cancer to heart disease to broken bones and torn […]