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Compassionate, holistic programs for teens and families in crisis

Evolve is the treatment center of choice for families in California and across the country. We start with programs centered on what each patient needs to find happiness and move forward. Our programs not only help teens get better – we help them thrive through care that’s innovative, affirming, and mindful of each unique situation.

With your teen and family in crisis, you need options. Get the individualized treatment your teen deserves with Evolve. We have four levels of care to give your family a treatment program that’s just right for your current situation. Hope is here.

Evolve Treatment: Quality Care for Your Teen

At Evolve, we believe in focusing on solutions instead of problems. We look for the strengths in our teens and design a therapeutic program that fits each person’s unique needs. We engage in a continuous process of evaluation and assessment, embracing leading-edge therapies and the healing power of mindful experiences to help your teen get better.

It's Tougher Than Ever To Be a Teen

The team at Evolve Treatment centers helps patients between the ages of 12 and 17 as they struggle with mental health, substance use, and behavioral issues. We work with teens and their families as they face challenges in their individual and family lives and cope with the specific stresses of modern life. 

We treat an array of mental and co-occurring disorders.

Our areas of clinical expertise include working with teens who have difficulty regulating emotions, are engaging in high-risk or self-injurious behaviors, or are suffering from suicidal ideation. We specialize in complex cases with high-acuity mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. 

DBT-Based Treatment

DBT-Based Treatment

Evolve is a proponent of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as we continue our leadership in innovative therapies that reach teens where they are and take them where they need to be.

In-House Psychiatry​

Full-Time Psychiatry​

Evolve is committed to providing the highest levels of care to the families that choose us for their teen’s health and well-being. We believe that having full-time, in-house psychiatrists driving care decisions means that our teens receive treatment that is truly second-to-none.

Holistic Healing for the Family​

Holistic Healing

We believe in healing families, not just individuals. All too often, when teens suffer, so, too, do their closest loved ones. With our family therapy sessions, we bring hope, healing, and happiness to teens, siblings, and parents, as individuals and as a unit.

Our variety of programs gets your teen the individualized treatment they need to heal.

Our residential program provides a safe, structured, compassionate environment where adolescents receive 24/7 support. Ideal for teenagers who are finding life to be unmanageable due to mental health, substance use, or behavioral issues. 

With PHP, teens receive a full day of treatment but live at home with their families. This level of care is ideal for teens transitioning from an intensive outpatient program or residential treatment center, when they need more structure than the typical intensive outpatient program or have been previously unsuccessful in an IOP.

IOP is a flexible treatment option for adolescents who require structured support but don’t need 24/7 care. Patients attend therapy sessions and engage in group activities several days a week, allowing them to maintain their academic and social routines while still receiving crucial therapeutic interventions. 

Virtual programs at Evolve are not only secure and private but also effective. We help teens and their families maintain balance, with minimal disruption to their daily lives, when dealing with issues related to behavior, mental health, and addiction. Your teen can get the support they need, even while remaining at home.

Mental Health Services at Evolve

Our Therapies

We pride ourselves as an organization that’s clinician-led, as our team of experts is empowered to create individualized treatment plans that deploy a variety of therapies to bring your teen and family back to a place where you can thrive together. We are innovative and believe in making data-driven, evidence based decisions that will benefit our patients in a holistic way.

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