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How Do I Know if intensive outpatient Is Right for My Teen? 

During the admissions process, we conduct an over the phone assessment with the parents and review pertinent records. Then we schedule an in-person tour and assessment with each potential client. We will then make a recommendation for level of care and discuss your teen’s specific needs and the best treatment options for them.  

What kind of teen benefits from intensive outpatient? 

If they show the willingness to learn, grow, and change, they’ll benefit from this program. We do especially well with teens who’ve failed in other treatment situations, but still want to heal. We welcome any teenager committed to learning the skills it takes to change ineffective, problematic behaviors to effective, life-affirming behaviors. The Intensive Outpatient […]

What are the goals of intensive outpatient? 

Our goal across all levels of care is to give our teenagers the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle when they choose to. We work to make them whole again and provide them with the coping skills they need most. We help them reintegrate into their families, schools, and society-at-large.  Many teens come to us […]