What are the goals of partial hospitalization? 

Our goal across all levels of care is to give our teenagers the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle when they choose to. We work to make them whole again and provide them with the coping skills they need most. We help them reintegrate into their families, schools, and society-at-large. 

Many of our teens come to us in a great deal of pain and misery. They’re overwhelmed, hopeless, and barely staying afloat. We help ease their suffering, lead them back toward hope, and teach them to rediscover the joy of living. We give them the tools they need to regulate emotions, respond positively to conflict, and manage their self-defeating behaviors so they can build a life worth living—a life they enjoy, filled with things they love. 

We give our teens practical tools in the following four areas: 

  1. Stress tolerance and management. We teach our teens how to handle the difficulties of life. 
  1. Emotional regulation. We teach our teens to manage or change emotions when they need to. 
  1. Interpersonal relationships. We teach our teens both the importance of, and how to, get along with people. 
  1. Self-acceptance. We teach our teens to be mindful of where they are in the moment, without judgment. 

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What should teens bring to residential treatment? 

Most residential treatment centers for youth in California will recommend to bring the following for your teen: Comfortable & Age-appropriate clothing, Approved Prescription Medications, Mementos, and School books & Assignments. Adolescent residential treatment centers in California will have different limitations and requirements and it’s important to clarify what their specific rules are, especially when identifying contraband items. 

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How do you place teens in residential treatment? 

It can be difficult to send your loved one to treatment, and it can feel even more difficult to choose between all the residential treatment centers for youth in California. Instead of seeing treatment as a punishment, look at it as an opportunity. If you’re unsure how to begin the search for residential treatment for teens, get a referral from your therapist,

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Does insurance cover residential treatment? How do I pay for treatment? 

Most insurance policies do cover teen residential treatment. However, whether or not residential treatment for teens will be covered ultimately depends on your specific plan and coverages. More often than not, insurance companies will have a few prerequisites for covering a high-level residential teen rehab center. Additionally, some insurance companies cover partial cost instead of the entire cost of residential mental health facilities

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