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How does insurance authorization work? 

Insurance authorization works the same way for all treatment centers and for all insurance companies. The insurance company will start the authorization on the day we ask for it.  

The insurance company typically authorizes 7 days at a time. We have seen them authorize less and more, but 7 is average. At the end of the 7 days, the insurance company and the Utilization Review Specialist exchange clinical information (that comes directly from the therapist) as to why the client needs to be in treatment longer. At that time, the insurance makes a decision whether to authorize more time or not.  These are called “concurrent reviews”.  Families may get an Explanation of Benefits in the mail and get worried when they see they have only been authorized a certain number of days. This is normal and they will always be updated on the authorization of days by their child’s therapist.   

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What should teens bring to residential treatment? 

Most residential treatment centers for youth in California will recommend to bring the following for your teen:  Adolescent residential treatment centers in California will have different limitations and requirements and it’s important to clarify what their specific rules are, especially when identifying contraband items. 

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How do you place teens in residential treatment? 

It can be difficult to send your loved one to treatment, and it can feel even more difficult to choose between all the residential treatment centers for youth in California. Instead of seeing treatment as a punishment, look at it as an opportunity. If you’re unsure how to begin the search for residential treatment for teens, get a referral from your therapist,

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Does insurance cover residential treatment? How do I pay for treatment? 

Most insurance policies do cover teen residential treatment. However, whether or not residential treatment for teens will be covered ultimately depends on your specific plan and coverages. More often than not, insurance companies will have a few prerequisites for covering a high-level residential teen rehab center. Additionally, some insurance companies cover partial cost instead of the entire cost of residential mental health facilities

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