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We ❤️ DBT Open House Event

Community professionals were invited to join us for this special event highlighting our teen Comprehensive DBT residential programs! Guests were able to meet our clinical team, tour one of our home, and learn more about comprehensive DBT. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our event! Take a look at some of the […]


After a busy day at the 2023 West Coast Symposium, we invite professionals to join us for a fun evening of music and dancing at Westcoastchella! 

Managing High-Risk Behaviors in Teens

Managing teens who engage in dangerous, harmful, costly or otherwise high-risk behaviors can be extremely challenging and stressful for a parent. It’s normal for parents to feel scared and panicked about high-risk teen behaviors such as sneaking out, risky uses of social media, unsafe sexual behaviors, dangerous driving, shoplifting, and other illegal activity. This webinar […]

How to Cope with an Emotionally Dysregulated Teen

Living with a teen who experiences frequent emotion dysregulation can be challenging for parents and the entire family. Teens with high emotional dysregulation may react more strongly to triggers in their environment and have difficulty coming back to baseline, often leading to problematic behaviors and strained relationships. Thankfully, there are ways parents can cope and […]