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Why Can’t I Quit? There May Be More Than One Problem

What is Dual Diagnosis? Do you ever have bad days? Do you have lots of bad days in a row? Do they build up until you can’t stand it any longer? Until you need a release? Until you need something to numb the pain? Everyone has a bad day now and then. Some days, you […]

Conquering Addiction: Pro Surfer Tom Carroll

Hall of Fame surf pioneer Thomas Victor Carroll was Born in 1961 in New South Wales, Australia. To say his career was impressive is an understatement: he won the world championships in 1983 and 1984, twenty-six world tour stages, three trophies in the legendary Pipeline Masters competition, and was the first surfer to secure a […]

Am I Moody, or Do I Have a Mood Disorder?

The teenage years are filled with ups and downs. Some days you feel great, while others lead to nothing but drama, drama, drama. You feel as if you’re on a hormonal roller coaster. That roller coaster makes it almost impossible for you to tell the difference between typical teenage moodiness and an actual mental disorder […]