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Inpatient drug rehab was created for those who are seriously addicted to drugs or alcohol, and can not battle against the addiction on their own. Drug abuse differs among children and adults, which is why Evolve Treatment Centers has developed innovative and effective Teen Rehabs across the state of California. If you suspect that your teenager is battling a drug addiction, we are here to assist your family find the best path for a full and lasting recovery.

Although you will find several Teen Rehabs that promise to provide your child the best course of action in order to break their addiction cycle, Evolve Treatment Centers provides proven results that can make a real difference in your child’s life. Over the years, we have developed new and unique approaches for therapy options that have shown to be extremely effective and positive. Taking the first step can be difficult for teens and their families, but immediate treatment is crucial and there is no time to waste.

If you suspect that your teen may have an issue with drugs or alcohol, there are many signs to watch for that are easy to recognize once you know what to look for:

Poor Grades
This is one of the leading indicators that your child may have a problem with drug abuse, especially if this is something that is new to your child. Drug abuse takes a toll on the brain, especially in a child’s still-developing brain, and they may lose focus and concentration during their classes. It is also very common that your child may begin skipping school quite often, and this will also result in bad grades.

Children who are experimenting or are addicted to drugs may display unusual periods of tiredness and laziness. If your teen was once active in sports or music or any other type of activity, but have now lost all interest, this may be a result of drug abuse. It’s not typical for a normal teen to lay around the house all day or sleep through the afternoon, so it’s important to find out why this change in behavior is occurring.

Poor General Appearance
Most teenagers already feel that they don’t always fit in, which is why they take special care of their appearance and grooming. If your child usually takes pride in their looks and keeps up with the latest fashions and trends, only to suddenly stop caring, there is a reason behind this type of behavior. Most likely, it’s because they are using drugs and the effect that they have on the brain can affect the things that matter to your teenager.

These are only a few warning signs that your child may need to enroll in one of our Teen Rehabs before the situation becomes even worse. Evolve Treatment Centers provides a free consultation with one of our professional counselors who can evaluate your situation and make recommendations for you and your child. Please call us at 866.205.0862 and speak with one of our health care professionals.

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