Teen Depression Treatment Center
Does your teen have a drug addiction?   Is your teen suffering from depression?
Come to Evolve Teen Drug Rehab Center.  We have treatments and resources that could help. Teens with depression require the positive support and resources needed to grow beyond any challenges possibly preventing them from reaching their fullest potential.  Our programs include four primary levels of care:  Intensive Outpatient, PHP / Day Treatment, Residential Treatment, and Detox.
Intensive Outpatient

School attendance would resume, in this program, while receiving support during half of teen’s day.  This program is good for teens requiring more structure, while resuming normalcy of teen life with education and home. 
PHP / Day Treatment

Teens will receive a full day of treatment while remaining, at home, during this program.  This program is effective for teens changing from a residential treatment program.

Residential Treatment

Teens will be on site all day and night, receiving wider access to resources provided to supporting their journey to evolve positively.  A family oriented atmosphere might make a teen feel more like a home.  


If recommended, your teen will go through a monitored detox, supported medically, prior to one of the above treatments.
We Go Beyond
All treatments include Individual therapy, Group therapy, and Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Each individual plan varies and incorporates all therapeutic modes for teens. Teens will be assessed and established in a baseline and will receive an Individualized Recovery Plan, depending on assessment outcomes.
We know that your teen will not be a teen forever, so we also offer counseling for future career and college prospects, vocational possibilities, support with their educational development, and student advocacy.  Your teen’s future relies on positive circumstances and possibilities. Our treatment center goes beyond addressing your teens struggle.  We help your teen Evolve beyond their depression, so they may be able to excel into adulthood prepared.   We want you to feel supported!  Allow us to extend our support.
Teens Evolve with Positive Support
We know the goal is to provide your teen with the positive environment needed to nurture their ability to transform any depression or struggle into something more manageable, so they can more positively cope.  Your teen deserves positive power tools or systems which will help build and maintain structure.
Appealing to Your Needs
Teens experiencing depression need a resourceful treatment center, developing specialized programs for each individual teen’s difference in need. We understand the struggle to overcome addiction varies from person to person, so we try to cater our programs to each unique individual with positive effort. Our approach includes an assessment of your teen’s needs, pinpointing their depression and adjusting their treatment, so that they take full advantage of our professional team and varied treatment programs.
We provide accredited programs with an experienced and professional team. If you would like more information about how our treatment centers could help your teen with their depression and recovery, please call Evolve Teen Drug Rehab Center, located in Los Angeles, CA, at 424-332-1446. 
Teen Depression Treatment Center
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