Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Teens

When an individual has a serious drug or alcohol problem that they can’t battle on their own, the first step to the recovery process is usually medically supervised detoxification, which is performed in a facility and monitored by a health care professional. For parents who fortunately discover early on that their teens are using drugs, the detox is usually not required, and these children will be better off with our Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Teens. At Evolve Treatment Centers, we provide effective and long term outpatient services for a better chance of a full recovery.

Evolve Treatment Centers actually specializes in Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Teens who need assistance in resisting the urge to abuse drugs or alcohol. We provide daily counseling sessions where teens can understand the reasons they have turned to drugs, and how they can best avoid situations that may trigger these cravings. Because of the immediate dangers that your child is putting themselves into, we proudly offer a no cost initial consultation with one of our caring and highly knowledgeable counselors who can provide you with the best form of treatment options that we offer.

There are many benefits that our Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Teens provides:

Stay in School
When your teen receives outpatient treatment for their drug or alcohol issues, they can continue many of their daily activities, such as staying in school and receiving their diploma on time. Many of our outpatient programs can work around your child’s schedule and maintaining stability is an extremely important aspect for a full recovery. You may even be able to speak with your child’s school’s administrator and together, find the best way to keep your teen on track for college.

Family Support
Many teens have the benefit of a strong, loving family life, and an outpatient program may be more suitable for these types of individuals. Feelings of isolation and being alone can create fear and distance between children and their family members, which can harm the chances for a full recovery. Having their families around them during their recovery process can allow your teen to focus and concentrate on themselves.

Of course, your child’s outpatient care won’t last forever, and it’s crucial that they still have several options for continuing care and guidance after their treatment is completed. Evolve Treatment Centers is fully aware that your teen will receive many benefits when they continue on with a great aftercare program. Upon your child’s completion of our outpatient program, you will receive many helpful contacts and information regarding your child’s continual care and support.

These are only a small sample of examples on why an outpatient treatment program may be the best way for your child to overcome drug usage, and still stay focused on their every day routines. Evolve Treatment Centers can make a real difference when it comes to your child remaining drug free and healthy. Please schedule you initial, free consultation immediately by calling us at 866.205.0862, and speaking with one of our specialists.

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