Growth From Within

At Evolve, we value the growth and development of our entire team, which is why we offer continued education, professional trainings, and other opportunities for learning and enrichment. We know that when our team gains knowledge and experience, our clients benefit, and we grow stronger as a result. That’s why Evolve prefers to hire and cultivate talent and potential internally. We encourage and support opportunities for advancement. Below, we feature key staff members who have grown with Evolve. Their stories inspire us to grow, learn, and evolve – every day.

Kelsey Schaefer, MS, LMFT

Residential Counselor > Primary Therapist > Program Director > Director of Residential Programs > Executive Growth Director

“With every promotion I receive, I bring a set of well-developed skills into my new role. If it weren’t for my continuous advancement and the experience I gained in my previous positions, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as successful as I am in my current role as Executive Growth Director. Having worn so many hats at Evolve, I can genuinely tell staff that I train, hire, or supervise that I’ve been in their shoes. I know the ups and downs, and I’ve learned a lot over the years to help me problem-solve. This experience enables me to be a more effective supervisor. Evolve is the first organization I’ve worked for where there is genuine opportunity for growth from within. I love our supportive managers and supervisors, and love the fact that we’re all on the same team. When your supervisor mentors you successfully and helps you develop your skill and natural talent, paths for growth will come your way.”

Megan Johnston, LMFT

Residential Counselor/ Academic Coordinator > Primary Therapist > Admissions Clinician > Director of Admissions

“As one of Evolve’s first employees, I feel privileged to have grown along with the company. There’s an abundance of opportunity for growth here for those who want it. Working for an ethical treatment center with a high-quality, skilled clinical team is a privilege. As Director of Admissions, I feel lucky to have so many opportunities to help families navigate the stressful and emotional process of finding their child the treatment they need.”

Carolina Dozal, M.S., LPCC

Residential Counselor > Primary Therapist > Clinical Trainer

“My growth as a DBT clinician is thanks to Evolve, who funded my DBT training at Behavioral Tech [ed. note: Behavioral Tech is the premier DBT training institute in the world], and specifically to Alyson Orcena, who has been a valuable mentor to me. Working together at Evolve Vanalden, Alyson took me under her wing, teaching me everything she knows about DBT. She also advocated for my growth at Evolve, for which I am very thankful. When I expressed my desire to continue my clinical advancement, Evolve allowed me to channel my background and interest in DBT in my new position as Clinical Trainer. Now, I’ll be formally implementing standard DBT practices throughout all of our locations, companywide. It’s all very exciting and rewarding, and I’m very grateful.”

Ieshaa Ragland, LVN

Facility Manager > Regional Nurse

“Evolve has been instrumental in my growth as a nurse and manager. From extensive training to having fun with our team, the company has been very supportive. In my new role as Regional Nurse for NorCal, I will be helping support all our facility managers through on-going trainings, troubleshooting, and providing coverage to help avoid burnout. I appreciate the supportive stance Evolve takes with all employees: Evolve understands that we are human, and work/life balance is important. I am excited and honored to be a part of this amazing company.”

Kara Gross

Residential Counselor > Outreach Representative > Marketing Project Manager

“Working as a counselor was a great way for me to dip my toes into the clinical field. When I realized the clinician route was no longer the path I wanted to take, I completed a certificate program in marketing and joined our Outreach team. Outreach was a great opportunity for me to combine my passion for mental health with my new career path. Now, as Marketing Project Manager, I appreciate the chance to work with the different aspects of our company to ensure we promote a clinically strong, ethical program that provides great care to our teens. When interacting with the community, my direct experience working with our clients helps me accurately and genuinely portray the important therapeutic work Evolve does. I am proud to be part of a company that invests so much not only in its clients, but also in its employees.”

Delilah Mitwasi

Counselor > Interim Facility Manager > Admissions

“When I was asked to step up as an interim facility manager during the pandemic, it was an honor. I’m passionate about the work we do and was grateful for the platform to showcase my administrative skills. I learned so much from the clinicians around me, and felt very supported by my team and the supervisors who reached out and acknowledged my efforts. Now, in Admissions, I absolutely love what I do! My team is filled with talented and caring individuals who support one another and work diligently to get families the help they need. Evolve has taught me to be a leader, a team player, and has given me a strong foundation and knowledge base that I’m thankful for every day.”

Jesse Medina

Residential Counselor > Outreach Coordinator

“Working for Evolve is easily the most fulfilling work I’ve done. Being able to play even a small role in improving the lives of our youth is an amazing feeling. Along the way, I’ve strengthened my problem-solving, communication, and DBT skills. My supervisors have a great deal of valuable knowledge to offer and do so freely. The company loves growing people from within, and it shows. By acknowledging and rewarding the hard work I’ve put into the job, Evolve helped nurture my career. I’m excited to continue to grow with Evolve and see how big an impact we can make together.”

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