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Parent’s Guide to Parental Abuse: What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

What to Do When Your Teen Hits You

Let’s talk about a tough topic—parental abuse. It’s more than just conflicts and defiance; it involves subtle control over power dynamics within families. This article will cover the complexities of parental abuse, including warning signs, what factors can cause a child to be abusive toward a parent, and ways to seek help.  There is hope […]

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Child Abuse

child abuse

There are few things in life more devastating than discovering that your child has been abused. Whether the abuser is a person you know or someone you’ve never met, the sense of betrayal and fear that can come up can be overwhelming—both for your child and for you. It can also be highly disconcerting to […]

Understanding and Addressing Teen Sexual Assault: A Parent’s Guide 

Sexual Assault

There are few things more devastating than learning that your child has been sexually abused or assaulted. Teen sexual assault is a gravely serious issue, with consequences that can reverberate throughout a person’s lifetime. At Evolve, we provide treatment for teens who have been sexually assaulted and want to begin the road to recovery. This […]