Parent Blog

Hear straight from our therapists and fellow teens on how to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Welcome to Evolve and our world of resources for parents of adolescents!  We’ve compiled a wealth of articles, blogs, and resources to help you navigate the world of raising an adolescent. We hope to give you the tools to work […]

Evolve Psychiatry

In-House, Full-Time, Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists  At Evolve, patients come first. We go above and beyond the industry standard, employing full-time, dedicated board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists who take their time with our teens. Since they are dedicated solely to Evolve patients and families, our staff doesn’t think twice to consult with them for as […]

Our Clinical Approach

A therapeutic approach proven to help teens evolve. Evolve’s therapeutic approach is evidence-based and behavioral. In our standard clinical model, we provide psychiatry, a strong DBT skills-training component, along with other evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and others. The combination of therapeutic approaches in each treatment plan depends on the […]

What We Treat

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment  We treat adolescents ages 12-17 struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders . In many cases, we treat adolescents with one or the other: a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder. However, we’re also a dual diagnosis treatment center, which means our clinicians have the training, […]

Who We Treat

We provide comprehensive care to adolescents aged 12 to 17 years who are struggling with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorders. Our mission is to empower teens and their families to be the best versions of themselves, develop healthier coping skills, and pave the way to a brighter future. With a range of evidence-based […]

Our Programs

Compassionate, holistic programs for teens and families in crisis Evolve is the treatment center of choice for families in California and across the country. We start with programs centered on what each patient needs to find happiness and move forward. Our programs not only help teens get better – we help them thrive through care […]

Parent Guides

A pathway to understanding: If there were a manual for parenting teens, it might start here at Evolve. Parents and teens from around California and across America trust our team of clinical experts to help them face many challenges and unique situations. We’ve developed Parent Guides that offer the latest information and advice relating to […]

Teen Blog

Hear straight from our therapists and fellow teens on how to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Welcome to Evolve and our world of resources built especially for teens like you. First, let’s be real: You’re not alone. There are times that we all struggle with life’s challenges, especially during our teenage years. These years can be […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions when it comes to mental health treatment. When you’re starting the road to recovery, all the questions you and your family can have can feel overwhelming. Leave those cares behind with our help, as we have all the answers you need when it comes to Evolve’s treatment programs and levels of care. […]