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Social Media and Wellbeing: It’s Not That You Use It, It’s How You Use It

Shortly after social media platforms entered the national spotlight about ten years ago, critics began warning us that excessive time scrolling, posting, liking, and commenting on posts would lead to negative mental health consequences. Over the past ten years, various studies have examined the effect of social media use on well-being, with mixed results. Some […]

Drugged Driving Rivals Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drugged driving doesn’t get as much national attention as drunk driving, but it’s every bit as dangerous. Like alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs impair teens’ ability to drive safely and are part of the reason motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death among young people. Experts warn that legalization may make the problem […]

Anger Management for Teens

How to Help Teens Handle Powerful Emotions We all get angry sometimes. Some of us get angry often, while some of us have a sunny disposition by default. We don’t angry very often and don’t get bothered by much. Those of us who do get angry a lot learn how to manage that anger. If […]

Academic Pressure from Parents During COVID-19 Did Not Help Teen Mental Health

Pressure to Succeed in School Increased for Some Families During the Pandemic Since last March – March 2020 – parents have read hundreds of headlines about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on teen mental health. The headlines come from everywhere, every angle, and every point of view. From the New York Times to Fox […]

National Parents Day 2021: Sunday July 25th

Happy National Parent’s Day Moms and Dads! We have Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June. Did you know we have National Parent’s Day in July? It’s true: we do. In 1994, President Clinton proposed that every fourth Sunday of July should serve as a special day to acknowledge the importance parents hold […]

How to Get Your Teen to Talk to You When You’ve Burned Bridges in the Past

How to Rebuild and Restore Lines of Communication With Your Teen Parent-teen communication can be difficult. The changes of adolescence drive teens to seek new identities, separate and distinct from those they developed at home and at school before puberty. As they move through the stages of adolescence, their psychological and emotional needs transform at […]

Parents Who Travel for Work: Preparing Your Teen for When You Hit the Road Again

Planning for a New (Old) Family Dynamic Last month, we published an article called “As Parents Return to Work, Teens May Not Handle It Well. Here’s Why.” The title explains the content. It’s about how we can help families adjust to the end – fingers crossed – of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, it’s about the […]

My Teen Is So Messy – Does This Mean They Have Mental Health Problems?

Your teen is disorganized. Their room is a mess. A muddled hodgepodge of clothes, trash, candy wrappers, and random knickknacks. Not to mention the leftover food, which is gross. And the laundry: what’s clean? What’s dirty? You have no idea. Neither do they, honestly. It’s so bad you can barely see the floor. Opening their […]

Are Psychiatric Treatment Centers the Best Option for Your Troubled Teen?

How Do You Know if Your Troubled Teen Needs Psychiatric Treatment? The teenage years can be challenging for teens and parents alike. Adolescence is a time of radical transformation in virtually every area of a teenager’s life. Without going into extensive detail in each of these categories, we’ll review the major changes that occur for […]