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Is My Teen A Stalker? How Can I Tell?

This subject is tricky. Stalking is a very real and potentially dangerous pattern of activity that often escalates from behaviors such as excessive phoning or texting to surveillance, threats, intimidation, property damage, violence, and in some cases, even sexual assault and murder. Studies on stalking predominantly focus on the victims, and rightly so: they’re victims […]

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What Happens if My Teenager Gets a DUI?

The list of things parents worry about seems endless. When kids are young, the worries are fundamental. You’re preoccupied with covering the basics like food, clothing, and shelter. You make sure your babies get plenty of hugs and kisses. Your concerns keep pace alongside them as they grow: you want them to make friends in […]

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My Teen Was Arrested – Is Her Life Over?

Every parent of teenagers knows adolescence can be a turbulent time. Most teenagers go through a period when they push boundaries, test limits, and experiment with risky behaviors. Not all of them are rebellious, but almost all of them dabble in things they know they shouldn’t. Parents, especially in the 21st century, tend to tolerate […]

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