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Originally from California, Yael combines her background in English and Psychology in her role as Content Writer for Evolve Treatment Centers.

April is National Minority Health Month

This month is National Minority Health Month. National Minority Health Month has its origins in April 1915, when Dr. Booker T. Washington instituted the first National Minority Health Month in an effort to encourage members of the African-American community to better take care of their health. He asked local health departments, schools, places of worship, […]

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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week 2021

In 2010, scientists and experts on drug and alcohol use from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) launched a public awareness campaign to offer teenagers real facts about alcohol and drug use among their peer group. The purpose of the campaign was twofold: Present teenagers with the latest data on alcohol and drugs. Refute […]

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March is National Social Work Month

This month is National Social Work Month. The theme this year is “Social Workers Are Essential.” It offers a nod to the challenges brought about by COVID-19. During mandated lockdowns, public health guidelines placed firm guidelines for businesses and individuals. Nonessential businesses were prevented from operating, and individuals were strongly discouraged from any trips outside […]

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How to Get Your Teen to Eat More Vegetables

March is National Nutrition Month. The latest research on the relationship between diet and emotions shows that food has a significant impact on how we feel. A poor diet can make adolescents more vulnerable to negative emotions (such as anger and anxiety) as well as mental health disorders like depression. On the other hand, eating a healthy, nutrient-rich […]

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Best Mindfulness and Meditation Apps for Teens

You hear all about mindfulness these days. In case you missed the basics, staying mindful means slowing down and paying close attention to this present moment, without judgment. Deep breathing, meditation, walking, and yoga are all mindfulness practices that promote positive wellbeing and mental health. While especially beneficial to those struggling with mental health and […]

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February is Black History Month

Evolve Clinicians Share What Black History Means to Them This month is Black History Month in the United States. It comes at an opportune time: just a few weeks ago, Kamala Harris made history when she took the oath of office as America’s first Black Vice President. This month is an ideal opportunity to celebrate […]

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Is My Teen Addicted to Vaping?

The CDC has some startling statistics on teen vaping use. Last year, more than 3 million high school students in America – that’s almost 20 percent of high school students overall – reported vaping. In middle schools, that number was 5 percent. While lower, it’s still a shockingly high statistic for children 11-13 years old. […]

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I Hear Voices and I’m Embarrassed – What Do I Do?

If you hear voices, or you think you hear voices, you might be ashamed. Psychosis – particularly the prodromal symptom known as hallucination – is often connected to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or another mental health or substance abuse disorder. But we’ve got news for you. If you’re hallucinating, you don’t […]

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7th Graders in Walnut Creek Riding with Drivers Who Used Alcohol or Drugs

If you’re a parent, teacher, or any kind of professional who works with youth in Contra Costa County, you might be interested in the current rates of adolescent substance use in cities such as Walnut Creek, Lamorinda, Danville, San Ramon, and others. While our past articles focused on substance use in high school students, this […]

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